WoW Patch 8.3: New Loot

The WoW extension (buy now for 23,94 €) Battle for Azeroth tilts with the next big content patch 8.3 Slowly the final phase and has in addition to the new raid against the Old God N'Zoth and a new Mythic and PvP season also a further increase in the item level in the luggage. So that you know exactly what content you should play to improve your equipment, we have put together an overview for you, from which you can see at a glance, from which sources you receive items at which level (via Vanion).

A few notes, however, in advance:

  • The previous upgrades "war" and "titanengeschmiedet" are no longer available with patch 8.3. The new Corruption System takes its place.
  • The maximum new itemlevel is 485, plus the new levels Itemlevel 460 and 475.
  • You get over world quests and emissary quests with patch 8.3 items of a higher level.
  • Blizzard resets the Titans residual.
  • You can collect new Azerit essences.

Also note that not all item levels for the Mythic Plus dungeons and the reward chest are yet to be determined. We will update this guide as soon as Blizzard has announced its values.

Azerite items with patch 8.3

Once the fourth season of Battle for Azeroth begins, the Azerite Dealer will once again offer new items to purchase that you can purchase in exchange for Titan Residual. Blizzard lowers the prices and puts your stock of Titansresiduum back – so it's not worth saving.

equipmentCost Titanium Residue Fourth seasonEquip
Random Normal860445
Coincidentally heroic4500460
Coincidentally mythical23,750475
Specific Mythic100000475

Dungeons and Mythic Plus Season 4

Season 4 of Blizzard increases the level of difficulty of the Mythic Plus Dungeons while increasing the available item level for both Dungeon Prey and Reward Chest. Instead of Mythic-Plus-Level 10, the itemlevel now goes up to level 15. From level 15 you get from the weekly reward chest items with level 475.

Keystone stageItemlevel Reward Chest / Weekly Chest
Level 2unknown
level 3unknown
Level 4unknown
Level 5unknown
Stage 6unknown
Level 7unknown
Stage 8unknown
Level 9unknown
Level 10unknown
Stage 11unknown
Level 12unknown
Stage 13unknown
Level 14460 / unknown
Level 15+465/475

Craft items

Even craftsmen get patched with patch 8.3 again.

WoW: New Loot with Patch 8.3 - All Items in the Itemlevel Guide (1)

WoW: New Loot with Patch 8.3 – All Items in the Itemlevel Guide (1)

Source: buffed

The new items are divided into three tiers, and there is also new PvP equipment. You can only make the high-quality items from Itemlevel 440, if you have unlocked the empty focus on a quest line and upgraded accordingly. Because the craftsmen's equipment also has pedestals, Blizzard has reduced the itemlevel of items produced by five points each – only engineers make their helmets with the normal itemlevel of grades 445, 460 and 475.

PvP gear400
Animal 1 recipes440 (engineers 445)
Animal 2 recipes455 (Engineers 460)
Animal 3 recipes470 (engineers 475)

Booty from the Raid Ny'alotha

As soon as the new Raid Ny'alotha opens its doors with patch 8.3 (presumably two weeks after the release of patch 8.3, mythical and LFR will follow after three weeks), you can also grab some handsome loot there. Incidentally, the highest item level of 485 available with patch 8.3 is only available in mythic mode. In addition, the last two bosses of the raid drop their loot with ten Itemleveln more than the other bosses.

Raid modeEquipdate
LFR430 or 440 (last two bosses only)unknown
normal445 or 455 (last two bosses only)unknown
Heroic460 or 465 (last two bosses only)unknown
Mythical475 or 485 (last two bosses only)unknown

As usual, in the fourth PvP season of Battle for Azeroth, you can collect 500 capture points each week, and as a reward, open the appropriate PvP chest of your faction. The reward cycle will probably stay the same, but that's not clear yet.

rankratingMatch-rewardChests Reward
no rank0-1399Item level 430Item level 445
fighter1400-1599Item level 440Itemlevel 455
challenger1600-1799Itemlevel 450Item level 460
rival1800-2099Itemlevel 455Itemlevel 465
duelist2100-2399Item level 460Item level 470
Elite / Gladiator2400+Item level 456Itemlevel 475

As mentioned earlier, Blizzard's Season 4 of Battle for Azeroth also increases the item level of the items you receive from World Quests and from the chests of the Emissary quests. Although Blizzard does not continue upgrading items on Titan and War Forged upgrades with patch 8.3, items from World Quests may still be randomly upgraded to Itemlevel 455.

Type of activityMaximum itemlevel
world Quests420
Quest of the abuses370 (remains)

The fronts of the War Fronts are the only content listed here that will not be updated with regard to the item level of the items available. However, you can grab a loot chest with equipment at Itemlevel 460 via the new Heroic Mode of the Darkshore Battle and the associated quest from the commander of your faction.

The armor of the new war front on the Darkshore in WoW.

WoW: New Loot with Patch 8.3 – All Items in the Itemlevel Guide (3)

Source: Blizzard

The time-lapse dungeons and raids also receive an itemlevel upgrade with patch 8.3 and provide equipment with a maximum itemlevel of 445.

Type of rewardEquip
Time Trek dealer410
Time migration Dungeons425
Time migration Raids445
Time migration Quests445

Attack areas Uldum and Valley of Eternal Blossoms

Blizzard introduces a new catch-up mechanic for twinks with Patch 8.3: Drop enemies of the Eternal Blossom and Uldum Vultures, as well as World quests and regular quests, to get armor of different levels to equip your second and third heroes.

Armor of the Black Empire410-415
Armor from Reward Chests440
world bosses445

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