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With the upcoming patch 8.3 comes the new raid Ny'alotha on the live servers of World of Warcraft. There, Blizzard returns to a mechanic that has been used many times before. The last two bouts of the raid, in which we compete against N'zoth himself, reward us with better prey than the previous fights of the raid.

At the end of the current WoW (buy now for € 24.95) Expansion Battle for Azeroth returns to peace in Azeroth. The factions have agreed on a truce and now fight more or less side by side against N'Zoth and his henchmen from Ny'alotha. In the raid that comes with patch 8.3 on the live server, it goes to the Old God directly to the collar. Blizzard makes a U-turn and strengthens the loot we can get from the final boss, who is similar to Deathwing from two different battles. So the level of the item that we capture in the last two encounters in the Ny'alotha raid is ten levels higher than in the previous ten fights. Incidentally, this applies to all loot and thus includes the Azerit parts, weapons and jewelry. Unless we get any changes to the Mythic Plus or PvP system, N'Zoth is the source of the best loot in the game. Nowhere else do we get items with such a high level. We must not forget that that too War and Titanium Forged System will be changed with patch 8.3.

The following item levels await us in Ny'alotha:

  • The first ten bosses
    • LFR: 430
    • Normal: 445
    • Heroic: 460
    • Mythical: 475
  • Tank of N'Zoth and N'Zoth itself
    • LFR: 440
    • Normal: 455
    • Heroic: 470
    • Mythical: 485

Especially the priests and demon hunters will be annoyed because their classes do not have any weapons at the last two fights. Whether this is intended or still being adapted is currently unclear. Following are all the items that are currently dropped at N'Zoth and therefore have a higher itemlevel.

What do you think of these changes – rather good or not so?

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