WoW Patch 8.3: Raid Ny'alotha, Vulpera & Mechagnome

In early 2020, the creators of World of Warcraft want (buy now for 23,94 €) Release Patch 8.3 on the servers, called Visions of N'Zoth. There will not be an exact release date yet, and as soon as it's revealed, we'll teach you, but at least we already know that we're not going to deal with the henchmen of the old god N'Zoth at Christmas time. So you know, however, what exactly will come in the near future for horror visions about Azeroth, we have for you an overview with all interesting contents of the WoW-Updates and further links to articles, in which you will find more details.

WoW Patch 8.3: Attacks

The new attacks of our enemies take place this time in Uldum and the Valley of the Eternal Blossoms, and are much more dynamic than the attacks we have known since Legion. Uldum can be afflicted by the mysterious Amathet, infiltrated by N'Zoth's henchmen, by dark Aqir, and by the disciples of N'Zoth himself – the fields, plains, and mountains of the affected areas, in the latter case, cause tentacles and creepy eyes, mysterious obelisks appear and gloomy clouds lie over the land. In the Valley of Eternal Blossoms, not only the evil of N'Zoth breaks out, but also the new Mogu clan of Zan-Tien and the Mantid can play their practical jokes during the attacks.

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WoW Patch 8.3: Terrible Visions

The black dragon Furorion is back and has all kinds of scary stuff in the luggage. As you complete the introductory quest series for Patch 8.3, you will receive the legendary and upgradeable cape of Ashjra'kama, which will not only protect you from the corruption of N'Zoth, but also give you access to the terrible visions of Furorion. In the instanced scenarios for solo players you experience dark prospects for the future, should you not stop N'Zoth's goings-on. Even Orgrimmar and Stormwind are overwhelmed by the shadows in these what-if scenarios. Similar to Chromie's Death Scenario or the Army of the Withered, you can always return to these Terrible Visions to upgrade your cloak and stand up to the horrors of a hopefully futile future.

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The new raid comes with a peculiarity therefore: The entrance is always in other places. But even otherwise, the heroes who want to save Azeroth from destruction, put twelve bosses in the way, such as a madness taken over furor and mysterious void figures. You fight your way through N'Zoth's empire, the awakening city, until you face the Old God Himself – and hopefully defeat him!

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WoW Patch 8.3: Corrupted Items

Warcraft and Titan forged will be passé for the items in Update 8.3, because the WoW makers are trying out another system to equip your heroes in the endgame. The Corrupted items come with positive effects, but at a price, because the more these armor and weapons put your stretchers, the higher your decay value increases, and the worse are the negative effects that come with it. In addition, Battle for Azeroth's Season 4 Mythic + monkey is also Corrupted – that's what it's called – and it comes in Level 10 keystone dungeons with interesting possibilities, but also dangers.

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WoW Patch 8.3: Confederate Peoples

Horde fans can look forward to the Vulpera Allied people while willing allies make the game world a mechagnom unsafe. You need an awesome reputation with the Voldunai faction and you must complete all the Vol'dun quest lines to play the Vulpera. On the Alliance side, you must have melted yourself to the awesome reputation of rust bolt resistance, complete the Mechagon history quests, and completed Operation: Mechagon to create a cyborg gnome.

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WoW Patch 8.3: More Content

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