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Xanesh in Ny'alotha is already a horror for some WoW raids due to the soccer mechanics, but now the boss also uses an ability that actually belongs to a dungeon boss from Shadowlands. And unfortunately it also causes considerable damage. The origin of this extraordinary bug probably comes from the test phase of Shadowlands.

We assumed a lot of bugs and unbalanced content at the start of the WoW Shadowlands pre-patch, but we didn't expect anything like unwanted new abilities from Ny'alotha bosses. As players report via Twitter, a boss ability sneaked out of a Shadowlands dungeon during the fight against Inquisitor Xanesh in Ny'alotha. The fight is made more difficult by an additional ability.

This is the ability Poison blades. Only the third boss in the upcoming Shadowlands dungeon has this ability. As you can see from the log in the tweet, this ability does not inconsiderable damage and seems to make the fight at Xanesh difficult for some groups. We are excited to see what else will spill over from the Shadowlands when we go to Ny'alotha ourselves after the pre-patch. Incidentally, the tweet rightly blames the hunters for this mistake, who are now even pulling things out of the shadows with their multiple shots.

But seriously, how can such a mistake come about?
As Echo player Nnoggie notes in the Twitter thread, Xanesh could have served the developers as a playground during the testing phase, where they could have different skills such as Poison blades from epidemic fall. It is possible that the data was not properly cleaned up in the end and the ability was accidentally left in the game.

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