The Fury and Weapon Specs play pretty leisurely after the corruption effects have been eliminated and only really get going again with Shadowlands. Therefore, today we prefer to look at the tank spec of the warrior, which has changed a lot and which, despite the lack of corruption effects, still cuts a very good figure in raids and instances.


With Patch 9.0.1, the developers have almost surgically stripped the defense warrior in all possible places of its defense, only to then significantly buff the most important defensive ability. Front fighters still grant you 45 percent more stamina in combat, but instead of 60 percent of your strength, 100 percent strength is now converted into armor.

At least that makes you tougher against physical attacks. The damage caused by the protective warrior has hardly changed, perhaps it is even a little higher than before. The protection paladin is currently no match in the damage meter. So even in the pre-patch, the warrior is one of the most stable tanks that can still withstand a lot and distribute it well.

The 3 most important class changes

Some more or less useful skills are returning and many small adjustments have been made to the talents. The really meaningful changes are as follows.

Blizzard has messed up your talents, swapped places and weakened some skills.
Level 15: Devastator
Level 25: Two is Better
Level 30: Thunderous voice
Level 35: Crackling thunder
Level 40: Indomitable
Level 45: Unstoppable power
Level 50: Aggression management

This build is pretty offensively oriented. Only choose these talents if you have reasonably good equipment and don't necessarily tackle the very highest keystones or heavy Mythic bosses. Those who place more value on the defensive choose the talents Arm yourself, Ravager and Storm lightning. Devastator provides additional anger build-up because you passively more Shield blow -Procs received.

WoW Patch 9.0.1: The protection game style in the pre-patch (2)

WoW Patch 9.0.1: The protective game style in the pre-patch (2)

Source: Buffed

Ravager is now a passable talent, as it chases nearby opponents and the whirling weapons don't just stay in one place. Arm yourself delivers you in contrast to Violent repercussions In the 50 series there are no damage advantages, but the way you play is more pleasant. Who always has the mechanics of Violent repercussions keep in mind (Shield blow increases the duration of Shield block), can still choose this talent without any problems.

The higher the item level, the better. Pedestal areas also play an important role. Otherwise you choose values ​​as follows:
1. Tempo
2. Versatility
3rd championship
4. Critical Hit Rating
5. Strength

Basically nothing has changed in your values ​​priority compared to Patch 8.3. Tempo is still a very good value because it includes the cooldown of Shield block and Shield blow decreased. Versatility also serves as a solid offensive and defensive value. As mentioned, however, the priority of values ​​flies out of the window if, for example, an item has five item levels more or has a socket. A plinth can easily compensate for five to six item levels.

With the Azerite bonuses you continue to bet Bastion of power, you would like to use the trait three times and thus your strong cooldown (Avatar) make it even more powerful. For the remaining slots are recommended Heart of darkness, Deafening impact and get ready for once.

In the raid you choose in the Great Essences slot Crucible of the flamethat you can use offensively or defensively depending on the situation. You pack in the low slots for the raid Conflict and discord, Vision of perfection and The formless void. You are with us in dungeons and add-fights Vision of perfection Better advice in the big slot. In the low places you use the same essences as in the raid, but optionally also Aegis of the Deep.

WoW Patch 9.0.1: The protective way of playing in the pre-patch (3)

WoW Patch 9.0.1: The protection game style in the pre-patch (3)

Source: Buffed

Anyone who played their Schutz-Krieger in Patch 8.3 or at the beginning of BfA will find that the rotation has not changed and that it only feels slightly different due to many minor changes.

1. Shield blow (always when ready)
2. Thunder clap (always when ready)
3. Execution (to get rid of excess anger)
4th revenge (if free / with proc)
5. Devastate (Fill attack, if Devastator not elected)

Your anger build-up depends a lot on how often you do Shield blow works, so pay attention to the cooldown and procs, which reset the cooldown of the ability. revenge costs too much anger itself, if you dodge or parry, however, you have a chance that the ability will become free via proc. Execution you only use it if you really take next to no damage and scratch the anger limit of 100 points. With all the offensive skills, of course, you shouldn't forget your active mitigation:

Maintaining Shield block and or to clench teeth has top priority. Cooldowns with short cooldowns like Demoralizing reputation, Ravager and Magic reflection use her generously. The really strong skills with long cooldowns you use as follows.

As a protective warrior, you have the strongest defensive cooldowns – at least against physical damage. With your damage cooldown

Avatar you briefly climb very high in the damage meter. Avatar use it as often as you can and if possible in combination with other damage-increasing abilities. The attack power increased by 20 percent is due to your Azerit trait Bastion of power driven even higher.

Shield wall reduces all damage taken by 40 percent for eight seconds. If possible, always use the ability preventively before the big boss attack hits you.

Last stand is next to Shield wall another emergency button that increases your maximum health by 30 percent for 15 seconds. Keep in mind that your life bar may not visually change, but you will effectively have your normal life points again after 15 seconds.

Encouraging scream is the lifesaver for your group or raid when the boss is about to launch a violent AoE attack. In dungeons you use Encouraging scream sometimes as a personal cooldown – similar to Last stand.


With Patch 9.0.1 an upper limit was introduced for area attacks: With some attacks you only hit a certain number of mobs. Tanks are not as affected as DpS specs, as all of your attacks continue to hit all targets. However, there is a diminishing effect from a certain number of opponents.

With Thunder clap if you hit five targets for full damage, all other enemies only suffer part of it. For revenge is the same as for Thunder clap. Ravager however, eight targets are "hard capped" – so only eight targets can really be hit by your spinning weapon. The target selection is unfortunately random, but that hardly leads to problems.

Your new (rather useless) toolkit

WoW Patch 9.0.1: The protective way of playing in the pre-patch (4)

WoW Patch 9.0.1: The protective way of playing in the pre-patch (4)

Source: Buffed

If you open your magic book after the pre-patch, you will see many icons light up on the warrior. These are all new or are not yet in your action bar. Admittedly, most of them are relatively useless for the protection spec. Execution serves as a good DpS ability if you just want to get rid of your anger points. Whirlwind and Crushing throw you can basically leave it in the magic book and save the space in the action bar.

With Assault you will be deprived of some mobility as the charge in contrast to Intercept only has one charge. You have to get your second charge via the talent tree, but then you can no longer Storm lightning use. Intervene By the way, it still exists, but is only used defensively if you want to intercept attacks on your fellow players or want to move towards them. Next Execution The second good change in your new toolkit is the comeback of Hamstring. This attack slows the enemy down by 50 percent for 15 seconds and makes it easier for you to kite individual mobs.

Is the talent to use war machine?

The talent tree has been shaken up a lot, but only two talents are really new. One of them is War machine, which lets your automatic attacks generate 50 percent more rage and additionally grants ten rage points and a movement-increasing effect after defeating an opponent. During the level phase you will benefit from the movement-increasing effect, but under normal circumstances you will not generate enough anger with the talent.

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