Already with the pre-patch of WoW Shadowlands, the developers gave the shadow spec a lot of love. A lot has been changed compared to other classes. However, if you played Shadow in Patch 8.3 and read the new talents carefully, you will quickly understand the changes. We look at what has changed and how you play the Shadow in Patch 9.0.1 of WoW.

The 3 most important class changes

A lot has happened with the talents in particular. In addition, the following changes are critical to how the Shadow Spec plays with the Pre-Patch.


With the reworked void form, the Shadow now has a real damage cooldown.

With the reworked void form, the Shadow now has a real damage cooldown.

Source: Buffed

New spells, new talents, and a brand new one Void shape ensure that the shadow play style is currently one of the top 3 causes of damage. The hectic way of playing with the madness-withdrawing Void shape are over, for that has Void shape now a 90 second cooldown and a different function. In addition, many positive changes have been made to talents, which makes you one of the best damage dealers in single target battles right now and keeps you looking good in multi-DoT battles.

With Patch 9.0.1, some unpopular talents have been replaced or revised with new skills. Descent into madness now activate your Void shape and only send you into the afterlife if you shouldn't turn off the targeted target within 25 seconds.

Level 15: Fortress of the Spirit
Level 25: body and soul
Level 30: Fateful twist
Level 35: Psychological horror
Level 40: Promising spirits
Level 45: Mind flexors
Level 50: Starving emptiness

This is what your talent distribution looks like against individual goals. Because you because of the new Void shape significantly less empty flashes, you have to refresh your DoTs by hand more often. If you can already assign DoTs to two or three goals, you take it misery. Against multiple targets you also choose Spreading Darkness and Ancient Madness.

Instead of Ancient madness you can in dungeons too Descent into madness choose if you can handle the gameplay. Scorching nightmare is a new way to do a lot of AoE damage, whereby the talent is only really worthwhile from eight or more opponents.

For the optimal distribution of values ​​you have to hunt your character through external tools such as Raidbots or Simcraft. The following is a good guideline:

1. Intelligence
2. Tempo
3rd championship
4. Critical Hit Rating
5. Versatility

Intelligence is no longer your worst value and has been upgraded by the developers with the item level squish. In addition, your championship is no longer neglected because your new one Void shape Especially against multiple opponents, it scales excellently.

In the pre-patch, the Great Essence Condensed Life Force is your friend again. Memory of the lucid dream is only used in the low slot.

In the pre-patch, the Great Essence Condensed Life Force is your friend again. Memory of the lucid dream is only used in the low slot.

Source: Buffed

With patch 9.0.1 you say goodbye to Chorus of madness, because your Void shape now has a 90 second cooldown. At Malicious apparitions you hold on in any case. Your ideal Azerite setup looks like this: 3 times Malicious apparitions, 2 times Heart of darkness, 1 time Whispers of the damned. With the essences you say goodbye to Remembering the lucid dream in the large slot and comes back on in every situation Condensed life force. The use effect of Condensed life force you combine with yours Void shape. In the small slots you use Remembering the lucid dream, Essence of the focusing iris and Crucible of flames.

The way you play has not fundamentally changed. In contrast to Patch 8.3, you now have to weave Devouring Plague and Shadow Word: Death into your play style.

1. Void shape (with at least 40 madness)
2. Devouring plague
3. Shadow word: death (from 20 percent)
4th Shadow spirit /Mind flexors (always when ready)
5. Shadow word: pain + Vampire touch (hold upright)
6th Thoughts (always when ready)
7th Mind Flay (Filling spell)

To get out of the Void shape To get as much out as possible, you activate the ability with at least 40 insanity and refresh your DoTs beforehand if necessary. Because apart from the effect of Starving emptiness, the Void shape can delay a lot, your only damage cooldown lasts only twelve seconds. If you are with Shadow floor or Void stream should play – which we currently do not recommend in any situation – use both skills whenever they are ready.

Of course, you always make sure that you never generate this resource beyond 100 points of madness, and in an emergency Devouring plague to renew. That's not bad at all, because the pandemic mechanics add the damage to the remaining duration of the DoT. The only insane consumers are Devouring plague and Scorching nightmare. From three and more goals will Mind explosion instead of Mind Flay to your filling magic.

In addition to Vampire Hug, you can still use Dispersion and Shadow Spirit, which have not changed since patch 8.3. Void shape acts as a real damage cooldown as mentioned.

Dispersion: Since your no more madness during Void shape loses, uses her dispersion exclusively as a defensive cooldown. In special situations, the ability also serves to remove movement-impairing effects from you immediately.

Shadow Spirit: Also Shadow Spirit / Mind flexors is no longer necessarily during Void shape used to extend this, but whenever the ability is ready. But of course, make sure that you don't generate more than 100 madness or waste madness.

Void shape: Your only real damage cooldown so far (with Shadowlands the soul of power is added) increases your spell damage by 20 percent. It can be used in both single target and AoE situations, and best if many targets are already affected by your DoTs and you have saved up some insanity, go straight to it Devouring plague to be able to work. Similar to any other damage cooldown you use Void shape against long-lasting targets with high priority and combines all other damage-increasing skills and trinket effects, essences and so on with this cooldown.


As already mentioned, in addition to speed and critical hit value, your Shadow Weaving Mastery is a little more important when it comes to your value priority. It increases your damage for each of your effects Shadow word: pain, Vampire touch and Devouring plague on the target by a percentage that corresponds to your mastery.

With shadow word: Death you can give mobs from 20 percent the rest or with very good timing in PvP you can free yourself from various control effects.

With shadow word: Death you can give mobs from 20 percent the rest or get rid of various control effects with very good timing in PvP.

Source: Buffed

For example, if you have 20 percent mastery, you do 20 percent more damage with each of your DoTs. Usually are Shadow word: pain and vampire touch always on the target anyway, keep the mechanics of shadow weaving in the back of your head and never work Devouring plague towards a goal that is not also affected by your other two DoTs. Your championship will also serve you well in AoE damage, there Mind explosion does 40 percent more damage if your targets go by Shadow word: pain and vampire touch are affected.

Thoughts and Dark Thoughts

In patch 9.0.1, the developers gave the Shadow with Dark Thoughts a nice passive ability. Any of your periodic shadow damage spells on the target will grant your spells Mind Flay and Thought explosion a three percent chance of triggering dark thoughts. Dark thoughts increase the number of charges of Thoughts at 1, moreover will Thoughts to an instant spell that occurs during the channeling of Mind Flay and Thought explosion can be used. So it's worth it again Mind Flay to use, even if you add just a touch of the channeled spell. In AoE situations, the proc adds even more damage and madness.

The new descent into madness

Starving emptiness is a fantastic talent and the right choice in almost every fight – especially against single targets. If you want to get more out of dungeons or certain fights with adds, use it Descent into madness – almost as the second Void shape with the same cooldown. Your rotation will not change. Of course you have to make sure that your goal blesses the temporal within the next 25 seconds. You do not have to take a great risk and can Descent into madness even against the weakest add or, to put it bluntly, against a cockroach at the edge of the fight. Only the activation of an additional Void shape counts. Uses Descent into madness generous and only withhold the ability if additional adds appear shortly or of course if Void shape is already active.

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