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Patch 9.0.5 is announced for next Wednesday (March 10th) and the official patch notes should tell us about all planned balancing adjustments. As Dataminers have now found out, this is not the case. Because even with the pieces of jewelry from raids and dungeons, Blizzard turns the numbers vigorously and throws around with buffs.

The upcoming patch 9.0.5 is all about balancing adjustments for WoW Shadowlands. In addition to the Legendarys, various pact skills class skills are also buffed. Most of these adjustments are listed in the official Patch Notes for Patch 9.0.5. The Dataminer from wowhead but found further changes in the data that in the official mail not be mentioned. These are mainly the current pieces of jewelry from Castle Nathria and from the dungeons of Shadowlands. These are almost all buffed across the board.

However, these are exclusively those trinkets that cause direct damage or direct healing. Pieces of jewelry, the additional effect of which increases your secondary values ​​or your primary attribute, apparently remain untouched. The fixed values ​​on the respective pieces of jewelry are also not changed. Instead, the damage or healing figures are increased by around three to twelve percent. Glyph of Assimilation now deals, for example, 13,009 damage to the enemy (up from 11,591) (at level 226).

Since these values ​​depend on the item level and partly also on your versatility, the buff is sometimes different. Therefore, at the end you will only find a list of all buffed jewelry and no exact value.

It seems like the developers are trying to break the current dominance of PvP trinkets. These grant you additional values ​​in the proc and are therefore extremely strong for most classes. But even outside of the PvP trinkets, most styles of play currently prefer stat trinkets like that Unfathomable quantum devicewhich as such is not buffed.
However, it remains unclear for the time being whether this will really work and whether this change will also make it to the live server.

Here is the list of buffed jewelry:

  • Nathria Castle
  • Dungeons
  • Tank PvP
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