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Shortly before the release of Patch 9.0.5 for WoW Shadowlands there are some changes for classes, Castle Nathria, some Legendarys, the ranking system in 2v2 and more.

The developers are taking some more of WoW Shadowlands shortly before the release of Patch 9.0.5 Last minute changes in front. In addition to some class changes, the mythical mode of Castle Nathria is being put to the test again and, to the chagrin of the weapon warriors, changes to the Legendarys that were previously active on the PTR are being withdrawn.

Other changes concern the ranking system in the 2vs2 arena, dungeons and a small adjustment for an animation bonus for the magician in Torghast.


Wrath of Elune (Talent) now also deals damage when the druid is in cat or bear form.

Additional spells from Ringing clarity now have a higher delay between hits. In addition, the area damage from judgment is in connection with Divine chime No longer reduced by 25 percent in PvP and triggering Judgment Ringing clarity is reduced by 33 percent.


Fixed a bug that prevented refreshing Poison from refreshing up to 30 percent of the buff.


Ominous euphoria No longer consumes a soul shard if there are no targets in view when the spell expires.

Nathria Castle

  • With the closure of the Hall of Fame, it will be possible from the next ID to enter Nathria Castle in mythical mode across servers.

The Council of Blood

  • The effect of Wrath of the Castellan was reduced by 15 percent in heroic and mythic modes.
  • Stone Guard Veterans now have ten percent less health in Mythic mode.
  • Veterans stone guard deal ten percent less damage with their melee attacks in all difficulty levels.
  • Sin-Touched Blade The Veteran's Stone Guard will now trigger less often than before.
  • The harm of Dance fever was decreased by 10 percent.
  • Dancing fools have 10 percent less life points in mythical mode.
  • The harm of Soul spines has been reduced by 5 percent on all levels of difficulty.

Theater of pain

Mythical keystones

  • Mythical keystones from the Great Treasury will now be reset by one level if you do not complete a key at the same or a higher level in time during the ID. The first week of patch 9.0.5 you will receive a +15 keystone from the treasury if you completed a +15 key the week before. If you fail to complete a +15 key in the following week, the next keystone from the treasury will be set back one level.

  • Items from mythical dungeons can now be upgraded with valor points. Valor points are earned by completing Mythic Plus dungeons and vocations. Items that were dropped before the release of Patch 9.0.5 cannot be upgraded. The weekly upper limit for Valor Points is 5,000 and increases by 750 points every week.

Runic carving and legendarys



  • Assassination
    Fixed a bug that prevented the bleeding effect of Doomblade did not scale correctly with armor.


  • Seething Shore has been removed from the Ranked Battlegrounds pool until the issue with the starting zone has been verified.
  • Players who are not maximum level earn 30 percent less honor on battlefields. This change shouldn't affect how much XP players earn.
  • The rating in 2v2 was adjusted to the other brackets. The rankings should converge over the season and will be used in the next season.


  • weapons
    Exploiters (Legendary Effect) Grants Mortal Strike a 25 percent bonus per stack (was 50 percent) when you are in combat with a player. For Venthyr Warriors who use Condemn, the Mortal Strike effect grants an 18 percent bonus (up from 36 percent).

Torghast, Tower of the Damned


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