While the WoW developers have been exposed to criticism from fans in the past weeks and months, news is now circulating that both us and the Icy-Veins editorial team puts a smile on your face: Blizzard employees helped the streamer DesMephisto with his PC problems.

DesMephisto, who is known, among other things, for his charity campaigns and speed level streams, had repeatedly complained of problems with his RAM since last April. It went so far that he could no longer continue his streams – a particularly difficult situation for him because he earns his living by streaming. DesMephisto wrote:
"At first I thought it was just an optimization problem in WoW (buy now 15.00 € ) and avoided the areas of Alpha where the problems arose. At some point, however, all of my RAM (32 GB) was used up, so that my client crashed and forced me to restart the computer. After trying to format it, the lag was constant. That was incredibly frustrating and after weeks of struggle, stress tests, memory tests, Windows 10 edits, switching off everything that comes to mind, (…) I was with my Latin at the end. (…) My friends suggested that I start a GoFundMe campaign and that gave me a bad stomachache. But at some point there was no other way."

Because DesMephisto has autism, the whole situation felt especially bad to him. He was no longer able to do his job without wanting to "pull his hair out". His autistic episodes became more common and his enjoyment of streaming and helping others turned into a nightmare.

A new PC setup from Blizzard and AMD

As DesMephsto reports, employees from Blizzard and AMD surprisingly got in touch with him. According to their own statements, both had followed his streams carefully and wanted to support him. The streamer then received a Collector's Edition of WoW Shadowlands and a complete gaming setup including a new monitor. Because he had already received some donations through the GoFundMe campaign, he asked the donors if he should refund their money or use it for their own bills and donate to charity. "The people were really generous," writes DesMephisto, "and they wanted me to use it for my own bills / business / food and donate to charity".

DesMephisto himself was overwhelmed by the response and generosity shown by both AMD and Blizzard staff and fans. The future of DesMephistos donation livestreams and speed runs is therefore secured for the time being. If you want to see more of DesMephisto, just take a look his Twitch channel.

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