WoW: Picture book start for Shadowlands – the postponement was worth it

A few weeks before the start, the WoW Shadowlands beta was more like a bug festival than a complete expansion. A few days before the release, the developers were tinkering with various systems and until the very end the players encountered various bugs in the beta. Obviously, the developers at Blizzard were already one step further internally and so after the release all fears quickly vanished into thin air. The start that Shadowlands made was like a picture book.

Hardly any bugs, hardly any lags

Seldom before have so many players returned with an expansion as with Shadowlands. That already suggested the pre-order numbers. And on the night of the release it was clear to the last one that there would be a run on the new expansion. But, contrary to the fears of many, Blizzard was well prepared for this and had increased the capacity of the servers as seldom before. And so most players were pleasantly surprised when the expansion started without any major problems. Except for small queues on the really large servers, everything went extremely smoothly. Whether in the gorge, where all players had to go first, or in the following areas. Lag? Nothing. Most bugs were also searched for in vain. Apart from minor problems, all players could start relaxed. And even the few existing bugs were fixed so quickly that one could believe that Blizzard had hired additional developers especially for this.

This is amazing in that the beta was teeming with bugs just a few days ago. But apparently the developers were hardworking and had already fixed many of the bugs internally. Because there are still bugs in the beta that did not appear on the live servers.

Features, motivation and grinding

But beyond the technical side, Blizzard has also done a good job, as far as we can already say. The features all feel valuable and work largely flawlessly. Many players were particularly impressed by the good mix of different features. From Torghast to Dailys and world quests. Even the players who do everything that can be done with the main character did not complain of too much grind. It is still quite time consuming to get everything done, but there is enough variety. And if you don't want to invest that much time, you can simply leave out a lot of optional content – WITHOUT losing your connection. The developers seem to have really learned from Legion and BfA.

Even the new Twink system, Threads of Destiny, works great. Second and third characters get a completely different level feeling, which can only be good for motivation.

Pact and class balancing?

Of course, it is far too early to judge this. But at least after the first few days it doesn't seem as if some classes or pacts really got completely out of hand – at least in the current content of the mythical dungeons. In the raid it can of course look very different afterwards. But at least the fears that the balancing will go completely wrong are for the time being calmed down. Most of the players are currently making a decision based on a mixture of class imagination, personal preference and performance of the pact. One rarely hears players who choose a pact against their actual wishes, because the class brings the most DpS.

So everything is going well so far and there is little to no reason to complain. Let's hope that this will not change in the future either, so that we can all have a lot of fun in the Shadowlands.

How did your start go? Did everything go really smoothly for you or did you come across some of the few bugs? And how satisfied are you after the first few days?

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