Update from January 9, 2020:
Although the players of the "WoW Secret Finding Discord"once again felt every corner of Azeroth to find the solution to the Jenafur puzzle, there have been no new findings to report since the last update. It is understandable that many puzzle fans have suspected over time, that the head nut around the eponymous cat cannot be solved at the moment or that a bug is torpedoing progress.

But at least the latter does not seem to be the case. The developers of the community recently gave a new hint. In the patch notes of the hotfixes from January 8th it says:

"Jenafur has grown tentacles."

So there is obviously a connection between the cat and the void. As soon as we learn more, we will of course keep you up to date.

Update from September 30, 2019:
The players of the "WoW Secret Finding Discord"have been busy in the last few days and have found further clues that could help to solve the Jenafur riddle. The head nut crackers have now found out that it confirmed four of almost all of the food items in Karazhan (see original message) Spawn points. Only for <a href = "https://de.wowhead.com/npc=160373/fleischiges-h%C3%A4ppchen" title = "Meaty canapes"target =" _ blank ">Meaty canapes only three spawn points have been found so far. All spawn points are shown below:

Players also noticed that after talking to Amara in the Legion version of Karazhan some grains have appeared on the ground near the opera event. Four of these grains can be found in two places. So far it is unclear whether their formation has any meaning. You cannot interact with them.

Discovery number 3 in Karazhan: Whoever does the opera event after visiting Amara and then with the NPC Sebastian speaks, gets a new text in front of his nose: "Music is truly the key to happiness." The conversation will be accompanied by a new applause emote. It is exciting in this context that the developers have implemented some music files with WoW Patch 8.2.5, including a piece called "Amara's Wish". You can listen to the piece below:

Speaking of grains: Also at <a href = "https://de.classic.wowhead.com/npc=6367/donni-anthania" title = "Donni Anthania"target =" _ blank ">Donni Anthania in the forest of Elwynn (see original message) the players discovered some on the floor of the room. We are very excited to see how all of these clues are related. You too?

Original message from September 27:
Already on the public test server from Wow (buy now for € 26.99) Patch 8.2.5 Dataminer had discovered the models of an undead night elf woman and a cat. Now we know that the woman named <a href = "https://de.wowhead.com/npc=159799/amara-lunastern#outfit" title = " Amara Lunastern"target =" _ blank "> Amara Lunastern hear, stands in Ashenvale (at coordinates 17/49) and forms the starting point of a previously unfinished series of puzzles. She misses her cat <a href = "https://www.wowhead.com/news=295329/jenafur-cat-battle-pet-new-wow-secret-puzzle-added-in-patch-8-2-5 "title ="Jenafur"target =" _ blank ">Jenafur, It is very likely that we will receive the animal as a reward at the end of the questline. The house tiger owns with <a href = "https://de.wowhead.com/pet-ability=1962/tentakelstich" title = "tentacles sting"target =" _ blank ">tentacles sting and <a href = "https://de.wowhead.com/pet-ability=1068/fluch-der-vorahnung" title = "Curse of foreboding"target =" _ blank ">Curse of foreboding two unusual skills for cat pets.

Currently, the players of the "WoW Secret Finding Discord"on the track of this riddle. What we know so far (via Wowhead):

  • You can check your progress with the following script:

/ run local N, t, d = {"Amara"}, {58076} for s, k in pairs (N) do d = IsQuestFlaggedCompleted (t) print (k, "=", d and " 124cFF00FF00" or " 124cFFFF0000NOT "," DONE ") end

  • You start the puzzle at <a href = "https://de.wowhead.com/npc=159799/amara-lunastern#outfit" title = "Amara Lunastern"target =" _ blank ">Amara Lunasternby addressing them and selecting the dialog option.
  • As soon as you have done this, various objects appear in the world, although it is not yet clear whether you have to interact with them in a certain order.
  • You can find it in the Legion version of Karazhan for example 20 different items belonging to different food categories (alcohol, bread, fruit, meat). You can record them. However, they only remain in your inventory for five minutes.
  • In the forest of Elwynn you can go to <a href = "https://de.classic.wowhead.com/npc=6367/donni-anthania" title = "Donni Anthania"target =" _ blank ">Donni Anthania (Coordinates 44/53) interact with an empty bowl. That way you get the text "An empty food dish, unremarkable except for a few strange gases around the rim."

You can see the progress of the riddle friends on Wowhead or track directly in the Discord. We will also update this report if there are new findings.

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