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In the last two days, numerous raids in the closed beta of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic have visited the raid instances Karazhan and (since April 14th) Gruul’s lair. We have summarized the findings so far for you here.

The first raid tests are currently taking place on the closed beta servers of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. The gates of Karazhan opened their gates on April 13th, and since April 14th the beta testers have been able to challenge the bosses in Gruul’s hideout. Numerous players accepted this invitation and took on the raid bosses from TBC phase 1. The following are the findings so far:

  • For the raid tests, the players had access to level 70 characters with blue dungeon equipment and a few items from reputation factions plus sufficient enchantments, jewels and consumables. However, hybrid classes sometimes struggled with the fact that the only class set provided was only designed for one of the available roles. In addition, there were some items in the inventory that the characters could not put on (because they lacked the reputation of a certain faction).
  • Despite these problems, many raids didn’t have too much trouble cleaning up Karazhan on the first night. Only with the curator did the first groups struggle, as the three astral flicker appeared in quick succession and caused high damage to the characters who were too close together (the P-server experienced players were used to only one astral flicker). Apparently, however, Blizzard reacted quickly and weakened the boss fight.
  • Other bosses also had wipes from time to time, which was mostly due to the fact that players did not know the mechanics. The bottom line, however, was that the fights were so easy that several videos and Reddit posts quickly went online complaining about the difficulty level being too easy.
  • A point of criticism that was often mentioned: The damage from bosses was sometimes significantly lower than from trash opponents, and the bosses’ health was a joke. These values ​​(and the values ​​of some debuffs and buffs) did not correspond to the pre-Nerf level that Blizzard had promised at BlizzCon 2021.

In fact, Community Manager Kaivax made a statement in the a few hours ago official WoW forum and confirmed: Yep, a number of bugs were discovered in Karazhan, and there were several areas within the raid where the encounter tuning was not set correctly.

  • And what about Gruul’s lair? Well, our impression so far was that the colorful raids had no problems either. But see for yourself:

But there are also players who defend the low level of difficulty of the phase 1 raids. Karazhan in particular is a 10-player entry-level raid that wasn’t too difficult even then, so the argument goes. If you add the experience of today’s players, you have to end up with a raid that is easy.

how do you see it? How difficult should Karazhan and Co. be at the beginning? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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