WoW: Rotation of Corruption Effects – Dataminer find clues

from Philipp Sattler
With the opportunity to buy the corruption effects from a dealer in the ventricle, the frustration of WoW players came that only a handful of effects are available at a time. Now Dataminer have apparently found the rotation of the offered effects.

The corruption effects in WoW are part of the kind of feature that could actually be really cool, but due to weak balancing and far too much random factor it causes very negative reactions in the community. So there are some effects that are many times better than others and that until recently could hardly be achieved. Then Blizzard responded to at least one of the complaints and made it possible to buy the various corruption effects from a dealer. Since then, MOM has sold you a handful of different corruption effects in the ventricle. Your offer changes twice per ID in the same rhythm as the smaller invasions change – once on Wednesday and once on Saturday evening. At the same time, the developers looked at some of the effects and made at least minor adjustments. These do not correct the bad balancing, but at least partially weaken the differences.

However, this system also could not completely satisfy the players. Because instead of the random factor in loot, the players now have to hope that MOTHER will get the effect they prefer and that they won't have to wait weeks for it. And when the favorite perk has just disappeared, nobody knows when it will reappear. The latter could be over now. Because diligent data miners have found some data that could indicate the rotation of the different effects. Accordingly, there are eight different "sets" of corruption effects that appear again and again in a rotation.

WoW: Rotation of Corruption Effects at the Dealer - Dataminer Find Hints (1)

WoW: Rotation of Corruption Effects at the Dealer – Dataminer Find Hints (1)

Source: Wowhead

  • Order index stands for the period. Accordingly, a week (or ID) contains two orders.
  • Value on the other hand is the offer that MOM offers you.

We already know the first offers from the past few weeks, while the later ones are not yet known.
If you look at the table digged out by Dataminers, we theoretically have to wait until June 17th to know whether the data is really correct. Because at this point again mentioned: This information is not from Blizzard directly, but from data mining. So they can be correct, but they can also mean completely different things.

Assuming the data is correct, you can see the return of some of the more popular effects. The complete table with all data can be found here as Google Doc.

Finally, the warning again: These data come from data mining and have not been confirmed or denied by Blizzard. So you don't necessarily have to apply.

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