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The fact that the final boss of a raid is still on his feet two days after the release in heroic mode is a bit unusual. This is partly due to the difficulty level of Nathria Castle, but above all to the efficiency of the guilds, who have been trying to get the best equipment with all the tricks, not just since WoW Shadowlands.

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Update 5:10 p.m.: Limit was the first guild to manage to defeat Degree Denathrius in heroic mode.

Update: What kind of heroic mode is that? Castle Nathria in the heroic level of difficulty has not yet been cracked after two days, in the meantime four guilds have arrived at Lord Denathrius and are trying to bring the Eternal down. After initially only Limit had reached the final boss, other guilds are now joining: Echo, Honestly and Unwealthy Homeless Men. Thus, four guilds are currently fighting for the Heroic Crown.

After two days of raid, the final boss of the first raid by WoW Shadowlands has not yet been defeated in heroic mode. Count Denathrius continues to rule his splendid estate, Schloss Nathria, and was even approached by a guild. Limit managed to bring Count Denathrius to 13 percent, but the reasons for the defeats were also bugs, such as Raid leader Max on Twitter writes.

The rest of the ambitious guilds have 7/10 bosses in heroic mode (as of Thursday morning, December 10th). This is not necessarily because Boss No. 8 (Schlickfaust) is too difficult, but rather that with different raid squads the loot of the previous bosses is pushed to certain characters in order to clean up the rest of the raid with the top equipped squad.

WoW: Schloss Nathria Progress - Denathrius (hc) remains undefeated so far (2)

WoW: Schloss Nathria Progress – Denathrius (hc) remains undefeated so far (2)


Many guilds have already confirmed that Castle Nathria is very difficult in heroic mode (and even in normal mode) with equipment from normal mythical dungeons (184 item levels). Raid content is crisper again, but compared to BfA, the loot also stands out from Mythic Plus dungeons.

As hard as the heroic mode is currently, it wasn't planned after all. The developers have already installed some hotfixes for Castle Nathria and will continue to work on balancing the raid over the next few weeks, especially when the mythical mode starts next week. We assume that the first guilds will send Denathrius onto the boards in heroic mode by Monday at the latest. Before that, loot will continue to be efficiently distributed among the guilds. Professional guilds like Limit and Echo, for example, start with up to six raid groups. In the clip below you can watch Limit's first attempts at Graf Denathius.

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