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The World of Warcraft PvP brawl starting Wednesday August 25th will take you to the Tiger Summit arena. In the Shado-Pan test of strength, you have to gain control of a point in the middle in order to activate one of two bosses. Here all information about the event.

From Wednesday, August 25th, the next PvP brawl begins in the current expansion World of Warcraft Shadowlands, an event that once appeared with the Tomb of the Sargeras Patch and takes place every two weeks with changing battlefield modifications. Here is the official description of the current scuffle Shado-pan showdown:

Enter the arena on Tiger Peak and get ready for the Shado-Pan trial of strength. There you have to gain control of a point in the middle to activate one of two bosses. The first team to kill the opponent’s boss wins!

Have fun with the Pandaren scuffle!

WoW: PvP brawls – general game info
A new PvP brawl is open to you every two weeks, in which the rules of the game are slightly changed. Each brawl features different modes, rules, and landscape changes that differ from the normal way of playing a battlefield. You can register for it via the group browser (keyboard shortcut “I”) in the “Player versus Player” tab, and just like with random battlefields, you will also receive a reward for victory here.

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