WoW Shadowlands: 2 weeks between release and raid?

Now Blizzard has cut out the (hopefully) final release date of Shadowlands. The new expansion will appear exactly four weeks after the original date. Some players, including myself, still think that's quite daring. Because there are still various, sometimes serious bugs on the beta servers and the balancing could also need a few more rounds. But let's stay (very) optimistic and assume that Blizzard will get the worst things out of the world in the coming weeks. But then there is still a problem.

Two weeks are really short

Due to the postponement of the expansion, time was running out at the end of the year, which is why Blizzard has decided to shorten the time between the release and the start of the first season to two weeks. This means that the raid and the Mythic Plus dungeons will start a week earlier than in previous expansions. Doesn't sound too bad, as many players like to complain, often and often about artificially withheld content. I see two problems coming up, of which only one should be relevant for the majority of the players.

Lots of new mechanics

With Shadowlands dozens of different and sometimes very new mechanics come into play. Things like the choice of the pact, Torghast, soul bonds, special events and, and, and. The players have to get used to all of this first, which simply takes time. And this time should be given to the players. With Mythic Plus dungeons and raids, which are the most important content in the WoW endgame for the vast majority of players (buy now 15.00 € ) Blizzard should therefore only start when a majority of the heroes have already got used to the new features. Otherwise there is a risk that this content will lead to frustration.

WoW Shadowlands: Two weeks between release and raid - that's too short for me - Column (2)

Source: Blizzard

WoW Shadowlands: Two weeks between release and raid - that's too short for me - Column (3)

Source: Buffed

If I prefer to spend my time in a raid or go on the hunt for high keystones, then the new adventurer system, the pact events or a visit to Torghast can quickly become a chore. It's not doing the players or developers any favors. The former feel rushed, the latter suffer from the fact that the features they have developed do not get the recognition they might have deserved.

Balancing and story

WoW Shadowlands: Two weeks between release and raid - that's too short for me - Column (4)

WoW Shadowlands: Two weeks between release and raid – that's too short for me – Column (4)

Source: Blizzard

That being said, we'd all like the balancing of classes, pact skills, legendarys, soul bonds, and signature skills to work at least halfway. In order to achieve this, however, the developers need a lot of data. And the past has shown that you can only really start balancing on the live servers. That was one of the reasons why Blizzard had originally postponed the start of the Seasons. A week longer would be 50 percent more collected data to get the balance right.
In addition, many players in the past were happy that they did not have to rush to the maximum level, but could take more time with leveling and the story. And especially in Shadowlands, significantly more players should be interested in the story again. Because this is, at least in my opinion, much better and easier to understand than the sometimes very confused strands of history in BfA. If you want to level slowly and properly, and still want to be ready for raids, PvP and M + at the start of the season, you will get a problem if you don't invest enough time.

World First at Christmas

Let's not kid ourselves: the first few weeks in a new raid are always the best. New bosses, new mechanics and all players full of motivation. But stupidly, the first weeks of raid this year fall right into the Christmas holidays. And if you don't play in a high-end guild, you know that raids often fail during this time because many players have other things to do than gamble – for example, celebrating Christmas. It can quickly become demotivating when part of the guild wants to go out highly motivated, but another part prefers to enjoy the holidays with the family. Of course, that's always stupid. Especially at the beginning of the raid, however, doubly bitter.
And the very popular Race to World First will certainly continue until the holidays. The Mythical Raids will open on December 16, one week after the season starts. The next week is then Christmas Eve. At most the absolute top guilds should be through by then. The majority of the ambitious progress guilds, however, will have to play through the holidays if they value their WoWProgress rank. This only affects very few of us, but that doesn't make it any less stupid.

In any case, I would have been more happy if we had started out into the Shadowlands in January, relaxed and rested. Now it all feels kind of rushed.

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