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The currently running beta for WoW Shadowlands is intended to detect and eliminate bugs so that they do not get into the finished game. For example, the ability to reach the maximum level in under ten minutes. It's just stupid if the developer can bypass the fix with two clicks of the mouse.

Some players use the beta of WoW Shadowlands just to get to know the new content a little. Others are already looking for ways to get off to a good start with the upcoming expansion, and still others are putting the new systems through their paces. And the latter in particular is extremely important for the developers. Provided, of course, that problems and bugs found are consistently passed on to the developers. Because this is the only way to correct them. It is bitter, however, when Blizzard only intervenes half-heartedly and it only takes two mouse clicks to bypass the fix. As happened recently.

The streamer and YouTuber Shiekrunner has found an exploit that, with a little preparation time, makes it possible to get from level 50 to level 60 within a few minutes. For this he makes use of an XP item that you can get through the missions in the order hall. So far so good. Of course, he reported this error to Blizzard, which in turn reacted quickly and prevented it with a fix. They gave the item the restriction that it can only be used up to level 49. Here, however, it becomes clear how complex the systems in WoW (buy now ) meanwhile and how many things the developers have to think about. Because Shiekrunner let himself be invited by a low-level friend and activated the party sync mode, which downscaled him. Then he could use the items again. Blizzard will have to intervene again if, as we all assume, they want to prevent the method shown above from working on the live servers.


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