Blizzard wants to make the craft more interesting again with the next WoW expansion Shadowlands. To this end, the developers introduced the optional reagents to the game, but also presented various new materials and recipes for the individual professions. We tell you what master tailors in Shadowlands can look forward to (via Vanion).

An important note in advance
: Please note that all materials and recipes listed below are content from the Alpha version of Shadowlands. So one or the other can change until the final release of Shadowlands.

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    WoW Shadowlands: New materials for tailors
  2. 2ndWoW Shadowlands: New recipes for tailors

WoW Shadowlands: New materials for tailors

Shadowlands has new crafting materials for all manufacturing professions. The following new raw materials are available for Schneider:

WoW Shadowlands: New recipes for tailors

In addition to new materials in Shadowlands, tailors also get various new recipes, including those for legendaries:

We want to know from you: What do you think of the new recipes? Write us your opinion in the comments below!

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