WoW Shadowlands: Ascended Heavenly Mane as Mount

from Sara Petzold
When WoW: Shadowlands appears on the live servers of Blizzard's MMORPG shortly, mount collectors can tame several unicorns as mounts. One of them is the Ascended Heavenly Mane. We'll tell you in our guide how to get the animal.

After we recently explained to you how to do the Sun dancer from Bastion gets, today we are devoting ourselves to another unicorn mount that you can also find in Bastion: the Ascended Heavenly Mane. Again, you have to do a bit of leg work and knock down a few rare opponents. We will now explain to you exactly how this works (via Vanion).

Teamwork for the temple bells

Before you can go on the hunt for the Ascended Heavenly Mane, you should find a few other players to help you with it. Ideally, a total of five players come together, but you can also complete the associated event that leads you to the mount with three players.

WoW Shadowlands: Ascended Sky Mane as Mount (Guide) (2)

WoW Shadowlands: Ascended Sky Mane as Mount (Guide) (2)

Source: Wowhead

The whole thing then works as follows: You will find a total of five different Paragon temples throughout Bastion. In each of these temples there is a bell that you must ring in order for the five champions of the ascended to appear at the touchstone of the aspirants. The catch: as soon as someone rings any of the five bells, a five-minute timer begins. You must now ring all other bells within these five minutes. The bells disappear after the event and reappear after an hour or two. So it is best to place five of yourselves directly at the respective bells and talk to each other so that they ring quickly one after the other. You can find them in the following places:

  • Temple Vesper Bell of Purity: on top of the peak of purity (at 64/69, teleport at 63/72)
  • Temple Vesper Bell of Wisdom: on top of the Aeonic Archives (at 39/20, teleport at 41/23)
  • Temple Vesper Bell of Loyalty: in the northeast area of ​​the Citadel of Loyalty (at 32/17)
  • Temple vesper bell of courage: in the southern area of ​​the temple ruins of courage (at 33/59, teleport at 39/56)
  • Temple vesper bell of humility: on top of the temple of humility (at 71/38, teleport at 69/40)

If you have rung all the bells in time, the council of the ascended appears at the test stone of the aspirant (at 53/88). If you defeat the champion of purity, the champion of wisdom, the champion of loyalty, the champion of courage and the champion of humility by reducing their health points to 15 percent, a chest will appear. Opens this to the Ascended Heavenly Mane to bag as a mount. By the way, as a nice bonus you also get the achievement "Battle Cry of the Ascended" if you have defeated the Council of the Ascended.

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