Actually, one should have expected that the designers and graphic designers at Blizzard would once again create a little miracle and prove to us again what all is in the actually hopelessly outdated WoW engine. With each extension they manage to raise the crossbar for the look of a zone. Of course there are always exceptions due to the settings (such as the rather monotonous Vol'dun). Most areas, however, look fantastic and are staged in an atmospheric way. Drustvar in particular was particularly impressed not only with us but also with most of the other players.

With the upcoming expansion of Shadowlands, the crossbar will now be raised quite a bit. Because Bastion, which looked empty and unspectacular when we first played at BlizzCon, has now become a visual highlight and should become the new favorite zone for quite a few players. This is not only due to a coloring that we rarely see in WoW (buy now for € 19.99) have seen, but also a unique mood. This is achieved through lots of small details and a wealth of content. From small insects running around, across large meadows that are somewhat reminiscent of cornfields, to unique buildings that can hardly be compared to anything else.

WoW Shadowlands: Bastion Area - Home of the Kyrians (18)

Source: Buffed

WoW Shadowlands: Bastion Area - Home of the Kyrians (30)

Source: Buffed

Of course it is clear to us that optics are a matter of taste and not every bastion will like them. Nevertheless, the good work that designers and developers have done here should not go under. We are curious if the other areas can keep up.

So that you also get an impression of Bastion, we have attached a lot of pictures in the large gallery. So tell us, how do you like Bastion? Just as great as we do or do you rather not like the style and you are more looking forward to the darker areas like Maldraxxus or Revendreth?

WoW Shadowlands: The Bastion area – home of the Kyrians (1) (Source: buffed)

WoW: Shadowlands – Feature Trailer introduces new expansion

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