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Blizzard has made various other large and small adjustments to the WoW classes as part of the Shadowlands Beta. Priests can look forward to an adaptation of the mastery, paladins get new talents – and some other classes can count on fine-tuning.

And the Wheel of class changes keeps turning: Blizzard will implement various adjustments to the individual classes for WoW: Shadowlands with the next beta build. Shadow priests and retribution paladins can look forward to interesting changes, but there are also a number of new features for death knights, druids, hunters and discipline or holy priests. We summarize the details for you.

Class changes to the priest

The shadow priest gets a comprehensive overhaul of the mastery, while the holy and discipline priests receive a few minor adjustments to healing and protective abilities:

Shadow priest

  • Blizzard changed the championship to encourage players to stack DoTs on targets for maximum damage. The damage dealt increases for every DoT that affects the target.
  • When in Void Form, you are fully enjoying the benefits of Mastery by dealing full damage to all targets as if all of your DoTs were active on them (whether or not they actually are). This new championship is called "Shadow Weaving" based on an old talent for shadow priests.
  • You cause x percent increased damage for each DoT (shadow word: Pain, Vampire Touch and Devouring Plague) that affects your target.

Holy priest

  • apotheosis resets the cooldown of all blessing words.

Discipline priest

  • indulgence belongs to the level 50 talents again.
  • Mind shell becomes a level 50 talent, replacing Glowing Barrier. The ability is intended to go along with apology and provide an alternative way to give your group an absorption shield.
  • euphoria now works immediately Power word: shield towards the goal. It works the shield on yourself if you have not aimed at a target.

Class changes to the paladin

Paladins receive two new talents and a few minor adjustments:

Retribution Paladin

Holy Paladin

Class changes to the death knight

Unholy Death Knight get some adjustments to the rune management:

Class changes to the druid

The latest beta build includes a few minor adjustments for Balance druids:

  • Shooting stars returns to the basic skills of specialization. A new passive talent replaces shooting stars in the talent tree.
  • Star suction now interacts differently with the darkness-Mechanic: Star suction now increases the darkness bonus instead of increasing its duration (darkness lasts 15 seconds). Players should therefore have to worry less about keeping the darkness running. The adjustment is also supposed to fix a couple of balancing problems when the eclipse doesn't scale linearly with the tempo. Thereby the combination of star suction and darkness works together with Heavenly alignment.
  • Soul of the forest adds a new effect to Darkness rather than just increasing their numbers.
  • Shooting stars works more often than before in the beta.
  • The developers fixed a bug that caused the duration of Moonfire and Sun fire twice as long as a level-up upgrade. The duration should remain as long as in Battle for Azeroth.
  • The developers have increased the damage done by DoTs by ten percent.

Class changes to the hunter

Blizzard has announced a few minor hotfixes for survival and animal domination hunters:

Survival hunter

  • A faulty, additional modifier for 50 percent additional focus regeneration is out of the game. Survival hunters should generate 5.0 focus per second (excluding the speed bonus).
  • A bug caused cleaning to be removed from the pet skills list. An upcoming hotfix should fix the problem.

Beast Mastery Hunter

  • That player Arcane shot more than Cobra shot use is not intended. The developers want to adjust the numbers of skills accordingly in an upcoming beta build.

We now want to know from you: What do you think of these adjustments? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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