from Sara Petzold
Blizzard has re-adjusted the Darkness mechanics of Mondkin druids in WoW Shadowlands Alpha. In doing so, the developers are responding to the criticism of the fans, for whom the previous update within Alpha was not very popular.

A new WoW addon always means too lots of class changes. One of them concerns the druid, more precisely, the Mondkins and theirs darkness-Mechanics. Blizzard had already extensively adapted them in the first Alpha build of WoW Shadowlands, but the players were not very enthusiastic about the new version.

That is why the developers have according to the Wowhead Dataminers decided to further revise the darkness mechanics. The latter works on the Battle for Azeroth live servers as follows:

  • darkness: You will receive up to three recharges from with a 20 percent chance Solar anger and Lunar strike, which can quickly cause a lot of damage. Sternensog also grants a charge of solar anger and lunar impact.

The first alpha build Shadowlands then adjusted darkness like this:

  • Starfire authorized anger for ten seconds with a probability of 25 percent. Anger also empowers Starfire for ten seconds with a 25 percent chance. The resulting darkness occurs once every 30 seconds and reduces the duration of anger or starfire by eight percent and increases the damage of anger by 20 percent and the area damage of starfire by 100 percent. As a result, players must alternately use anger and starfire according to the respective darkness phase.

The current alpha build now changes darkness as follows:

  • Once you've used Starfire three times, you empower anger for ten seconds. The same applies in reverse for anger and star fire empowerment. The darkness phases alternate and reduce the duration of anger or star fire by eight percent. Wrath damage is increased by 20 percent, Starfire deals 100 percent more area damage.

We want to know from you: What do you think of the second adjustment in the current Shadowlands build? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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