WoW Shadowlands: Character adjustments of the tauren

from Norbert Rätz
The World of Warcraft Shadowlands character creation screen was updated again with today's alpha build, and all classes received new poses and weapons. Also available are the character adjustments for tauren, which you can see in the model viewer below.

Since the end of World of Warcraft Legion, the high mountain restaurants with their tattoos and proud antlers have left the classic tauren in terms of appearance. Shadowlands will make up for this, however, because the designers have given the people from Mulgore a multitude of new character adaptations with which you can give your hero a completely new look and which leave nothing to be desired (see, for example, the two druids above in the news picture and below in the appendix).

The Dataminer of the website Wowhead have already updated their "changing room", so that you can assemble your desired restaurants in the preview. Note, however, that the whole thing is still in progress and may be incomplete:

In addition, the website MMO-Champion has released the following video, which shows the new character creation including poses and weapons:

WoW Shadowlands: New character adjustments for Tauren (1) (Source: MMO Champion)

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