WoW Shadowlands: Choose your pact

from Norbert Rätz
With the launch of the Beta for World of Warcraft Shadowlands on July 15th, it's possible to explore the endgame of the next expansion for the first time. In this special we show you all the steps in the package selection as well as the first quests of the subsequent campaign.

If you have reached the new maximum level 60 in WoW Shadowlands and explored the first four zones, you can get one with Pact commit. Each pact offers its champions a base skill, a class-specific ability, mounts, and cosmetic rewards that can be unlocked through an epic campaign and other activities over time. This alliance also gives you access to a pact sanctuary, a kind of class hall that is only open to players who have made a pact with their rulers. You can change the pact later, but the price will be high. There are four different packages:

  • The Kyrians of the Bastion – angelic beings who serve their order in humility and enable the souls sent by the referee to rise.
  • The Maldraxxus Necrolords – An army of Lichs, warlords and spies defending the Shadowlands.
  • The Ardenwald Night Fae – guardians of nature who protect all beings in the cycle of life and death.
  • The Venthyr of Revendreth – vampire beings who punish the sinful souls sent by the referee to rehabilitate them.

In the beta launched on July 15th, you can jump straight into the endgame using the character template "Covenant Choice" and start immediately with the package selection. You go through the following steps until the first campaign quest:

  • Once you arrive in Oribos, go to the NPC Tal'Inara who will ask you to speak to the representatives of the four alliances. These will tell you what class and signature skills you'll get when you choose to join, and you'll also see a preview of the pact's mount and armor sets.
  • Then you choose your pact from the desired representative, e.g. General Draven for the Venthyr, and go to the specified destination in the pact zone.
  • At the Venthyr, for example, Prince Renathal is your next point of contact in the pact sanctuary in Sin fall. Here you get the quest for activating the signature ability 'Shadow Gate', which you activate after a pledge of allegiance to various NPCs on site.
  • In a subsequent ritual you will get your class-specific pact ability, for example 'Impending catastrophe' as a warlock.
  • Another ritual follows: The soul bond. Here you tie a soul band with one of several selected characters of the pact, for example Nadjia Nebelklinge at the Venthyr. These characters then share their special powers with you in the form of a variety of bonuses (see the picture gallery below).
  • In the following quest you will use the scout card for the first time. Tactician Sakaa of the Venthyr lets you start the first companion mission you already know from Battle for Azeroth. The mission interface is more complex than before: In the slots in the upper half of the interface you see the opponents and in the lower slots you use your companions. After completing the mission, there is even a real combat log that gives precise information about all actions of opponents and companions.
  • Last but not least, you will receive your first campaign and normal quests from various NPCs in the pact sanctuary. At the end of the campaign, the special mount and the transmog set of the pact will be rewarded.

In the following picture gallery you can take a detailed look at all the steps just described on screenshots. Because of the beta, the lyrics are still partly German and partly English. Our hero is Worgen Warlock who joins the Venythr.

WoW Shadowlands: Choose your pact – Preview your first level 60 quests (1) (Source: Buffed)

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