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There is again news for demon hunters from the Shadowlands Alpha: Blizzard claims to improve the talent diversity of the Illidari and therefore makes a few adjustments to various skills of the demon hunter. We summarize the details for you.

Class changes wherever you look: Blizzard continues to work hard on the individual classes of the online role-playing game in the alpha of the upcoming WoW expansion and tries to implement the feedback from the community. Shadowlands' latest alpha build therefore again brings some adjustments for demon hunters, in particular the talents of the individual demon hunter specializations.

The developers have that Changes in a forum blue post (via Wowhead) justified in detail. The tenor is: The team is generally satisfied with the existing talent, but still wants to increase their diversity. We summarize the most important details for you again:

Desolation Demon Hunter

Vengeance demon hunter

Of the full bluepost reads in detail:

"Fair tidings Illidari. The next build of the Shadowlands Alpha will have a number of changes based on your feedback. We're generally happy with the core kit of both Demon Hunter specializations, but want to improve talent diversity.


  • Demonic appetite – consuming a soul fragment no longer reduces the cooldown of eye beam.
  • Teufelskreis – When Chaos Strike refunds Fury, it will reduce the cooldown of Augenstrahl (was Metamorphose). Developers' notes: We've reconsidered the addition of Eye Ray cooldown reduction to Demonic Appetite, believing it will make that talent a dominant choice in the row. Instead, we're placing that benefit on Teufelskreis, which is competing against other options for AOE damage.
  • Insatiable Hunger: Demon Bite deals 20% more damage and generates 5 to 10 additional Fury. Developers' notes: Since this ability only increased the maximum additional Fury that Demonenbiss could generate, it was possible to frequently see no noticeable benefit. The talent will now always result in at least 5 extra Fury generated.
  • Firebrand Aura now generates 20 Fury when cast.
  • Burning Hatred: Firebrand now generates an additional 60 Fury over 12 seconds. Developers' notes: We added Feuerbrandaura back to Havoc baseline because it was a nice mid-tier AOE damage ability that could be shared across the specs. Player feedback made it clear that Fury generation was an important part of the ability, so we moved the initial burst of Fury to the main ability. The Fury generation over time will remain in the talent.
  • Fel Mastery has been replaced with a new talent, Unleashed Chaos.
  • Unleashed Chaos: While Immolation Aura is active, your inner demon slams into nearby enemies at the end of your Teufelsrausch, dealing Chaos damage. Developers' notes: Teufelsmeisterschaft was a simple buff to Teufelsrausch damage that required frequent reorientation to your target and as a result primarily saw play alongside Zeal of Action. By binding the damage bonus to Feuerbrandaura, we feel like the talent can be taken on its own or alongside Eifel des Gefechts.


  • Feuerbrandaura and Fiery Brand tooltips were changed to show the total amount of damage done over the duration of the spell.
  • Soul Splitter damage increased 20%. Developers' notes: We often see feedback that Seelenspalter is a low priority button because the passive consumption of soul fragments means no healing is lost if it isn't pressed, and Spirit Bomb offers more damage and healing per soul fragment. We made a change already that adds additional healing to Seelenspalter for each orb consumed, but also we're increasing the damage of Seelenspalter as well. We'd like to see Seelenbombe used intermittently to apply Fragility, but Soul Cleave to be the spec's primary source of healing and damage.
  • Agonizing Flame no longer increases the damage of Immolation Aura. It now increases its duration by 50%. Developers' notes: Increasing the duration of Feuerbrandaura increases the value of the talent's movement speed buff and creates synergy with other talents like Höllische Rüstung and the re-design of Verkohltes Fleisch mentioned below.
  • Feast of the Souls healing increased by 25%. Developers' notes: This talent is intentionally straightforward, offering an option that makes Vengeance's primary consumer Seelenspalter better. It's a fine option, but may need additional tuning to close the gap with the more active options in the row.
  • Charred Meat has been redesigned: Feuerbrandaura damage now increases the duration of your Flammendes Brandmal by 0.5 seconds. Developers' notes: Fire damage alone was not an attractive option when compared to the other options in the row. This interaction with Feuerbrandaura can significantly increase the uptime of a key defensive ability while also increasing its overall damage. This creates interesting synergies with anything that modifies Flammendes Brandmal or Feuerbrandaura such as the talents Peinigende Flammen and Lebendig burnt.

Please continue to reply with your thoughts on Demon Hunters in Shadowlands! "

What do you think of the changes? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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