WoW Shadowlands: Demon Hunter Restriction no longer applies

from Philipp Sattler
With the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands, the starting experience for new players and characters will be fundamentally changed. In the course of this, the limitation to one demon hunter per server is no longer applicable. Because the agile melee fights lose their status as a hero class.

Despite the name, the hero classes in WoW actually have only one advantage over the other classes – they do not start at level one, but significantly higher and thus have a shorter level path. This was accompanied by restrictions. So you may currently only have one demon hunter per server in your char family. The death knight was also regulated for a long time, but this has already been abolished in the past. With this, Blizzard wanted to prevent the new classes from being used excessively in order to bring twinks to the maximum level and to use them there, for example, only for professions. With the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands However, some things are changing now.

In the course of the complete redesign of the entry into the game, demon hunters will no longer start shortly before the end game, but at level 8 only a few levels higher than the other classes. While warriors, paladins and Co. fight through the starting area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir people or the new tutorial starting area, demon hunters complete their own starting area. Then both classes have reached level 10 and then decide on the further level path.
Since you no longer bring a demon hunter to the maximum level much faster than other classes, Blizzard also abolishes the limitation in the same course. As soon as WoW Shadowlands appears (or as soon as the pre-patch is active) you can call more than one demon hunter per server your own.

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