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The next PvP brawl starts in 99 days on the WoW Shadowlands beta server. We'll see why that could have already given away the release of the upcoming expansion.

We don't have a release date for WoW Shadowlands yet, but Blizzard may have already revealed it on the beta server. If you look there in the PvP tab, you can see that the next PvP brawl starts in 99 days (December 1, 2020). What does this have to do with a release date? The first PvP brawl of a new expansion always starts at the same time as the new season. It's not yet confirmed, but that's where the Shadowlands release could be derived.

If Blizzard proceeds as in previous expansions, a season always starts three weeks after release. This gives players the opportunity to bring their characters to the maximum level and to prepare sufficiently for the start of Mythic Plus and Ranked PvP content. If you count back three weeks from December 1st – the start of Season 1 of Shadowlands – you land on November 10th. Release would be the 10th (Tuesday) or 11th (Wednesday) November. If you take this release date as a given, the PTR would be around 13./14. Start October.

A release of Shadowlands on November 10th wouldn't be too early or too late. One factor in the release of the upcoming expansion is the Christmas holidays. If Shadowlands was released in early December, the first raid and season 1 would be released on the holidays. That would be pretty inappropriate, because the developers usually have to fix bugs or change boss fights during the World First Race. And Blizzard employees also want to have time off.

Do you think November 10th is realistic? Write to us in the comments.

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