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The Wowhead Dataminer has addressed one of the most important questions in WoW history: how big are the leaders of each Azeroth faction? We will show you the result of your answer here in our news.

Trolls in WoW are bigger than humans and humans bigger than gnomes – so far known. But how big are the individual leaders of the different factions in Azeroth? Is Baine's blood hoof bigger than Genn's gray mane? How huge is Khadgar really? And where does Sylvanas fit in?

An answer to these pressing questions is now provided by a size comparison of Wowhead. The Dataminer have the faction leader models from WoW's current alpha build (buy now for € 39.99) Shadowlands selected and compared directly. We don't want to fall into boulevard-like formulations now, but we have to admit that we were a little surprised by the result:

WoW: Big, Bigger, Gray Mane - Faction Leader Size Comparison (2)

WoW: Big, Bigger, Gray Mane – Faction Leader Size Comparison (2)

Source: Wowhead

Because by far the largest faction leader is Genn Grauähne in his worgen form with a proud 3.27 meters. It even towers over Baine Bloodhoof with 3.15 meters, Princess Talanji with 3.05 meters and Velen with 2.98 meters. We also found it astonishing that Khagdar with 2.34 meters clearly surpasses Sylvanas with 2.17 meters. Finally, we found the size ratios between Mekkadrill, Gallywix and Magni Bronzebeard to be quite strange: Mekkadrill measures 1.28 meters, significantly less than Gallywix with 1.77 meters, which in turn is slightly larger than Magni with 1.76 meters.

We therefore want to know from you: Which proportions have surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments, but keep in mind that these are the models directly from the Shadowlands Alpha – so details can change here until the release.

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