Azeroth and the mortal world are history, at least when Sylvanas' sinister plan comes up. Because while our heroes in World of Warcraft stand up to the old god N'Zoth, the Banshee Queen makes her way to the Icecrown Citadel. There she challenges Bolvar, the new Lich King, and destroys the crown of dominance. A few seconds later, the sky above the citadel shatters like glass and a black tower appears, casting a long, threatening shadow on Azeroth.

WoW: Shadowlands – The epic Cinematic Trailer is here!

Sylvanas' and Bolvar's duel marks the epic prelude to our next WoW adventure. Shadowlands is the upcoming expansion set in the Shadowlands, ergo the realm of the dead. This previously unexplored domain of the Warcraft universe attracts with new stories and a lot of food for all Lore enthusiasts. At least that's what the developers gave us when we presented Shadowlands at BlizzCon 2019 promised.

There is already a small view of this exciting story in the previously published ones Excerpts from the novel Shadows Rising. Blizzard released a few days ago another preview from the bookthat on July 14, 2020 appears. While this excerpt is only a few paragraphs, we learn some important information about the events that are taking place between Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands.

In addition to the story about Queen Talanji, Rokhan, Bwonsamdi and Co., the focus is also on King Anduin Wrynn and the alliance. Although both factions have put their scouts and agents on Sylvanas' heels, the alliance suffers far greater losses than the Horde in search of the Banshee Queen. Anduin get bad news every day. In the Cathedral of Light, he is finally confronted with the terrible report that almost all of the agents have found a terrible death. This tragedy is bad enough in itself. But the way the scouts died raised a lot of questions. It seems that after her escape from Orgrimmar, Sylvanas' dirty game never ends and she draws other, previously uninvolved actors into the conflict. The Zandalari and the fragile peace with the Horde are in great danger, after all the agents were killed with the arrows of the Zandalari trolls.

Another one seems very likely behind the drama Intrigue of the Banshee Queen to be stuck. Of course, this brings up Genn Gray Mane, who wants to lead the hunt for Sylvanas. He and the Dark Lady share a long feud that has claimed countless lives. Gray Mane, the perfect hunter? Not quite. Because instead of chasing the worgen on the banshee, Anduin surprisingly hires Turalyon and Alleria to search for Sylvanas.

Missed opportunity, new opportunity?

WoW: New hope for Allianz? The blue faction should get more story in Shadowlands. & Nbsp;

WoW: New hope for Allianz? The blue faction should get more story in Shadowlands.

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With that move Alleria and her husband Turalyon in the middle of the big chase. So Sylvanas' older sister takes the lead and thus gets one of the main roles in the novel. That sounds like good news for Allianz fans, who have been criticizing Blizzard's storytelling in favor of the Horde for several years. It is true. The developers simply missed many good chances to breathe more life into the Allianz story. Patch 8.3 provides the most recent example. The emptiness theme and the old god setting would have been the perfect stage for Alleria's big appearance. The same applies to Anduin, who is still struggling with his role as king and the light. These doubts could have been a good breeding ground for N'Zoth's power games. But except for Tyrande's short celebration in honor of the retake of the Dark Coast, we've seen next to nothing of the Alliance's glamorous appearances in Battle for Azeroth. The much larger and more exciting story took place again on the side of the Horde.

The new novel, however, raises the hope that Blizzard will finally change the torn situation and that the alliance will become the focus of the story again. With Alleria and Tyrande, the developers have two strong Warcraft characters who can influence not only the plot of Shadowlands, but also the fate of the whole alliance. Because who knows how strong the bond between the Windrunner sisters actually is? Alleria says that she just wants to throw Sylvanas into prison. If we have learned anything from war crimes trials (keywords: Garrosh and Warlords of Draenor), it is this: These stories always end badly for everyone involved.

So how far is Alleria ready to go? The high elf says that one day she will fall prey to the whisper of the void. Will Sylvanas accelerate this mad descent? And how does Turalyon fit into this story? The paladin has not appeared as a great leader in the game so far. In Shadowlands, however, he can lead the alliance in place of Anduin. With the Order of the Silver Hand, Turalyon would even be a good counterbalance to Bolvar, who pursues his own goals with his death knights in the shadow lands.

What do you all mean? Are Alleria and Turalyon a good choice for the leading roles of Shadowlands? Can the dissimilar couple really give the Alliance some fresh air? Or should Blizzard prefer to pay attention to the balance between Horde and Alliance when it comes to worrytelling?

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