WoW Shadowlands Fire Mage: Phoenix Flames as a standard ability

from Sebastian Glanzer
The new fire magician is not yet playing satisfactorily in the WoW Shadowlands Alpha. The latest change is likely to change this, because with the upcoming Alpha build, phoenix flames migrate from the talent tree into the standard repertoire of the fire mage.

With the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands we can expect some big and small class changes again. For the fire magician it was previously thought that his DoT would ignite in the future Fire blow to be distributed. There Fire blow but is often needed to deal with the Battle heat-Mechanics To knock out pyroblocks without magic time, the developers have decided that the previous level 60 talent Phoenix flames takes over this part. Instead of letting ignites jump randomly onto nearby enemies, you want to give the player control over how and when ignition is distributed.

This change will be reflected in the next WoW Shadowlands alpha build. It is not yet clear which new talent phoenix flames will replace in the 60 series. According to WoW Developer Sigma in the official forum you will have thought about it in the subsequent Alpha Build

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