The launch of the MMO expansion World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was not even two weeks ago, and the first players are already starting to look for particularly tricky challenges. While a large part of the adventurers is busy slowly but surely taking their first steps in the mythical dungeons, the paladin "Rextroy" has already taken it to the extreme. He was the first player in the world to fight his way through such a Mythic dungeon – and with success.

For this purpose he chose the dungeon "Theater of Pain", which he wanted to master single-handedly as a paladin tank. Usually you need a group of five players, all of whom should have the necessary skills and reasonably good equipment. "Rextroy" preferred to take matters into their own hands and after several hours and numerous unsuccessful attempts was actually able to defeat all Bose.

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Not only was it very time-consuming, it also required a lot of planning and small tweaks. The protective paladin is able to heal itself and can therefore survive many dangerous situations without support. But especially in the boss fights he had to come up with a lot in order to survive the respective game mechanics. How he did it, he explains in the video below this message, which also shows you his successful attempt in time-lapse. From this Wednesday at the latest, new challenges await "Rextroy", because then the Mythic + dungeons will open their gates for the players for the first time.

Source: YouTube

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