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With unauthorized exploits, WoW streamer Asmongold explored the areas of Maldraxxus and the Maw, which were not yet accessible, on the Shadowlands Alpha server. As a punishment, his raid group was massacred by a gamemaster. You can see what that looks like in VOD.

The main task of the largest WoW streamer Asmongold is to explore the areas on Shadowlands' alpha servers. Revendreth was recently unlocked in the Shadowlands Alpha. Instead of taking a close look at the vampire zone, he went to the end of the map and tried whether he could glide to Maldraxxus or even the Maw with a demon hunter. In the VOD from 02:32:00 you can watch how it flies through the areas that are actually not yet accessible.

He made some interesting discoveries. For example, a strange Kil'Jaeden head under the map (04:14:00 in the VOD), first glimpses of unfinished dungeons / raids or that Thrall's mother Draka can be found in the midst of Maldraxxus' hostile armies (04:51:00 in the VOD). However, it is also marked as a quest giver and will therefore probably fight on our side. Together with other players, he unsettled the barren landscape of textured desert and half-finished buildings that Blizzard is still working on. With the hunter ability Eagle eye the streamer was even able to move into the gullet and possibly discovered the throne on which the Jailer will take his place.

Before server restart, he discovered a strange street with yellow tiles in the sky (see VOD above). What the streamer and his group didn't know is that a gamemaster had been watching the exploit for some time and was probably even watching the stream. Because this gradually killed all raid members again and again and made further exploration impossible. At Asmongold's "request", the GM even showed the words "gg" and then made himself invisible again.

Although such exploits are not entirely legal, players on the alpha server are unlikely to face any penalties. If you feel like it, you can watch the VOD to the end. from 05:15:00 Asmongold's podcast stares with Rich Campbell and slootbag. In addition to the new areas, the big topic of the podcast is Torghast.

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