WoW Shadowlands: history to read

from Norbert Rätz
Although the stories play an important role in the World of Warcraft, they are completely ignored by many when it comes to quests. With a new feature, Blizzard now also wants to keep reading lazy people up-to-date.

Are you one of those who think Sargeras is a Greek funeral director at Asterix or Cho'gall a French painter? Don't worry, you are not alone, because the history of Warcraft is now so extensive and complex that even Lore connoisseurs or the inventors no longer have an overview. The "Red Shirt Guy" Ian Bates is living testimony to this. Getting started is particularly difficult for WoW newbies if they are confronted with completely new events and people from all corners of the world, but do not know the core story.

The fact that the background story of new expansions is largely served in the form of campaigns or quests makes the whole thing even more complicated. For this reason, with Shadowlands, there will be short summaries for each campaign chapter for the first time, so that even those with a lazy reading will always be up to date. Below you can take a look at the whole thing using the Kyrian campaign.

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