When WoW Shadowlands appears, many players will rush directly to the new content of the Shadowlands in order to level their first character to the new maximum level as quickly as possible. Once that's done, the endgame content is on – or we level a second hero as a twink. For the latter, Shadowlands gives us an alternative leveling option for the first time in the history of WoW, with which we don't have to go through the whole story and the quests of the Shadowlands again. Instead, Blizzard offers us a different level mode with the so-called threads of fate – and we will explain to you now how it works (via Wowhead).

The threads of fate – what is it actually?

When you enter the Shadowlands with a character for the first time, you have to play through the complete linear story of the expansion before you can let off steam in the endgame. If you have done that and then send a twink to the Shadowlands, you only have to complete the introductory quest in the Throat before you meet the fate writer Roh-Tahl after your arrival in Oribos. He offers you the quest "The threads of fate", which gives you the choice between two level variants of the Shadowlands.

If you accept the quest and speak to Roh-Tahl again, a new window will open in which you can choose one of the two options:

  • Threads of Fate: You level your character exclusively through world quests, side quests, bonus goals and dungeons.
  • Complete story again: You level your character just like your main character by replaying the Shadowlands story.

If you choose threads of fate, the game marks all story quests for your twink character as completed. You then choose directly for a pact and can only level your hero outside of the main quest line. This decision cannot be reversed.

Leveling by threads of fate

If you have decided on the variant threads of fate, you will receive another quest that sends you directly to Tal-Inara. There you choose your pact, but you can try out all pact skills again on the training dummies as usual.

Then you will receive the quest "Aiding the Shadowlands", through which you decide on a zone of the Shadowlands in which you want to start your level phase. But regardless of this, you can complete the associated world quests and collect equipment in each zone. In addition, the world map shows you all available side quests of the individual areas. The quests that you receive for the respective zones at the beginning include the following tasks:

Blizzard to the level phase "Threads of Fate"

The developers have in a bluepost finally explained once again their intention behind the new level feature. We do not want to withhold your explanations from you:
"As we first announced at BlizzCon last year, while everyone's first trip through the Shadowlands is driven by a linear narrative campaign that grants access to endgame features such as covenants, world quests, and more, we want to offer players who are leveling alts a much more flexible experience. We have had a version of that experience available in Beta for the past few weeks, as alts select their covenant immediately upon first arriving in Oribos, and then can tackle the four zones in any order they choose.

However, we've received a couple of points of feedback that have led us to refine this approach: First, a number of testers felt like they weren't necessarily ready to pick a covenant right away on a new class, and wished they could replay the narrative arc that let them "test drive" each of the active abilities along the way. Second, even for players who were familiar with the overall story by that point, it felt confusing or wrong to play through portions of some zone campaigns out of order or while already a member of a covenant (eg doing the main Revendreth arc while already being a member of Renethal's venthyr).

In this week's build, alts emerging from the Maw for the first time will be met in Oribos by the mysterious Fatescribe, who now offers an explicit choice between replaying the narrative arc as first-time characters experienced it, or following the threads of fate to their inevitable conclusion and beginning the journey at a point following the climactic events at the end of Revendreth's story. Characters choosing the latter option will enter the Shadowlands in a state where the entire narrative Campaign has already been completed, with new Bonus Objectives available in locations that were previously central to the Campaign. Lucrative zone-wide objectives for each of the four zones will provide additional structure while allowing alts to roam the Shadowlands as they prefer, earning gear and experience through their choice of a zone's side quests, bonus objectives, world quests, dungeons, or rares and treasures.

Our goal with this alt experience remains offering more flexibility than ever before on repeat playthroughs, while also allowing alts to begin making progress towards their endgame goals, earning anima for their covenant's reservoir or catching up on Renown so that they can hit the ground running when they reach 60. We look forward to hearing feedback on how the new experience feels! "

Like Blizzard, we would like to know what you think of the alternative level option in Shadowlands: Will you level your twinks by the threads of fate? Or do you prefer to use the conventional method and play through the entire story several times? Write us in the comments!

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