WoW Shadowlands: Legendary recipes at the faction dealer

from Philipp Sattler
In WoW Shadowlands there is again a reputation for farming with the different factions. This is not only necessary to be able to buy mounts and equipment from the respective dealers. Some recipes for the new Legendarys are also hiding there and currently require at least a benevolent reputation.

Legendarys are among the strongest and best items that you can put on your character in WoW. These will again play a major role in the upcoming Shadowlands expansion. But instead of looting them somewhere, as was the case in Legion, we make the legendary items ourselves with the help of a special blacksmith. But for this we need the appropriate template beforehand. We get these recipes for Legendarys in very different ways, for example via PvP. Every recipe has a source and we know exactly what to do for it. Another source of Legendary templates has now surfaced with the faction vendors on the beta server.

There are four main factions in Shadowlands that come from the four areas. These have only indirectly to do with the local pact. So you can gain reputation with all four factions, no matter which pact you have joined. And if you have your eye on a special legendary, you may not be able to avoid it. Because each of the four dealers has a legendary recipe that you might want to have.

  • Ardenwald – The Wild Hunt
    • A Memory of Echo of Eonar – Summons a ghost family by your side. Your spells and attacks have a chance to send the Familiar on a fellow player and increase their damage and healing for 20 seconds. If there are no other players nearby, the Familiar flies at an opponent and increases its damage.
  • Bastion – Avowed
    • A Memory of Judgment of the Arbiter – Dealing damage has a high chance of unleashing a gush of spiritual energy that inflicts holy damage. If another player carries this item in the vicinity, an arc of energy arises between you, which damages all enemies hit.
  • Maldraxxus – Undying Army
    • A Memory of Maw Rattle – Killing an enemy has a high chance of summoning an explosive gullet. After six seconds, the rat explodes, inflicting damage to all surrounding enemies and reducing its damage by five percent for ten seconds.
  • Revendreth – Court of Harvesters
    • A Memory of Norgannon's Sagacity – Using a spell grants you a stack of Sagacity. If you move, you can cast spells from the movement for 0.5 seconds per stack of Sagacity.

If you want one of these legendarys, you have to farm reputation with the respective faction. However, Blizzard is apparently serious about the fact that they want to significantly reduce farming and grind. Because instead of being reverent or respectful as in the past is currently already benevolent in Shadowlands, to be able to buy the prescription. And we probably get a good chunk of the necessary reputation during the level phase. We have to play this through completely anyway, since we won't get access to the endgame without completing the campaign.

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