WoW Shadowlands Legendarys: Hidden Optical Effects

from Sebastian Glanzer
In WoW Shadowlands your Legendarys have hidden optical effects that only trigger under certain circumstances. With the shadow priest, for example, three dark ravens circle around you when all three DoTs are active on the target.

In WoW Shadowlands you can make legendary items pretty easily with soul ashes from Torghast and a few other crafting materials. And there are quite a few of them. Each class has a total of 16 available (four general for each spec and four for each style of play). As always, the exceptions are druids and demon hunters with 20 and 12 legendary effects, respectively. So it is hardly surprising that the developers use some of the old legendary effects or abilities from the old artifact weapon build from Legion. As players found out on the beta server, they also celebrate old visual effects like that Shadow ravens of the priest glory their return.

These shadow ravens are only triggered when the shadow priest has the legendary item Talbadar's strategy uses: If Shadow Word: Pain, Vampire Touch and Devouring Plague are active on the target at the same time, Thought Strike causes 60 percent more damage. When all three DoTs are active, the three iconic ravens will circle around you.

The ravens were previously triggered by the priest's shadow balls, which have not existed since the Legion. So shadow priests are getting some nostalgia back. By the way, if you want the effect now, you can do it with the toy Traumatician's ball to do. For holy priests a light ball appears, for discipline priests one of the two effects is chosen at random.

We are curious to see which legendary effects will be found in the future. What effects would you like to see? Write to us in the comments.

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