WoW Shadowlands: Mage Changes – Rune of Power integrated into cooldowns

from Sebastian Glanzer
For fire and especially arcane mages, some interesting changes have been made in the beta and on the PTR of WoW Shadowlands. The biggest change: Rune of Power now always activates automatically with your strong cooldowns.

in the official US WoW forum Community Manager Kaivax has presented new changes for the magician, which can now be tested in the beta of WoW Shadowlands. In addition to some adjustments for the arcane and fire spec, it is particularly interesting that Rune of Power is now always activated automatically with your strong cooldowns (see general changes). This helps you in burst phases in which you can stand still, but it takes some freedom if you prefer to activate the last charge of your rune at a different time.

Mirror image: Damage dealt significantly reduced. Mirror images now cast Frostbolt and reduce your damage taken by 20 percent. Whenever you take damage, one of your reflections disappears.

Rune of power has been revised. It is automatically placed under you when you cast any of the following spells: Cremation, Arcane power, Icy veins.

Arcane power: Cooldown decreased from 3 to 2 minutes.
Touch of the Magi: Now generates four Arcane Charges by default.
New talent Master of Time: Reduces the cooldown of Time Shift by 30 seconds. Time Shift resets the cooldown of Blinks after you return to your original location.
Time shift is now available from level 24.
resonance increases the damage caused by arcane fire by 15 percent (was 10 percent)
Charged has been removed.
New level 35 talent Arcane echo: Direct damage inflicted on enemies affected by the touch of the Magi triggers an explosion that inflicts damage to up to eight nearby enemies.
Time anomaly now grants time warp for six seconds.

Phoenix flames the damage done has been increased and the recharge time reduced.
Alexstasza's anger Dragon Breath now also receives a critical damage bonus of 50 percent.
New talent From Ashes: Increases your mastery for every charge of phoenix flames that is on cooldown by 2 percent and your direct critical hits reduce the cooldown of phoenix flames by one second.

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