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The craft for the heroes of WoW Shadowlands can only be described as chaos based on the current status of the beta. After huge amounts of newly introduced optional reagents have already been generously mucked out again, only those are left who specifically increase the level during the production of an item and give it a secondary attribute. Where else should the journey go?

Die-hard WoW fans have already had the feeling for years that the developers with their innovative ideas for the craft system of the online role-playing game have reached the end of the flagpole. In the course of an expansion, not only since Battle for Azeroth, the dev side has been relying more on converting tokens into armor and upgrading them instead of taking care of the care of manufactured goods. The system of optional reagents in Shadowlands could have broken the old system, because it offered the possibility of adding secondary attributes to crafted armor. This is currently still the case on WoW's beta servers – but all other optional reagents have been thrown out.

Nobody will be really sad about it, because they provided the handicraft armor with passive or proccing effects such as "You have a chance to get an additional skill point if you make a shadowland item". This is not very exciting and, once the maximum craft level has been reached, extremely meaningless. These were the reagents that could be found in the Alpha so far:

  • Craftman's Pouch (Tailoring) – There is a chance of an additional skill point for your profession if you make items from the Shadowlands.
  • Reinforced Girdle – Your satiated effect will persist if you die in the arena or on the battlefield.
  • Loosened Belt (leather processing) – Your saturated effects last twice as long.
  • Shadowy Rabbit's Foot (Enchanting) – Increases your movement speed.
  • Necrostatic Micro Capacitor (Engineering) – Increases your primary stat by five points for 15 minutes after completing a world quest. Stackable up to five times.
  • Hydrodynamic Accelerators (Engineering) – Increase your swimming speed.
  • Alchemist Pouch (Alchemy) – Doubles the duration of your vials.
  • Luxurious Feather (Inscription) – Decreases your fall damage taken.
  • Elethium socket (blacksmithing) – guaranteed base

In the meantime there are only the items of inscription that have been adapted.

To increase the item level

To add a secondary attribute

It appears that Masterful Jewel Association, Mirror Jewel Association, Deadly Jewel Association and Versatile Jewel Association (all of rare quality) have been degraded to simple gemstones together with (unusual) duplicates of optional reagents. That’s the current state of the beta, mind you. We are excited to see what will happen before the release. At the moment, however, it seems that inscribers in particular can earn a lot from optional reagents, while the others get nothing …

… although that may not be true. Enchanters can currently craft Enchanted Lightless Silk, Enchanted Elethium Ingot, and Enchanted Heavy Grave Hide; Reagents for making legendary items.

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