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The magician's sheep is probably the most famous control spell in World of Warcraft. Over the years the magicians got more and more choices about what they wanted to turn nasty contemporaries into. With the upcoming expansion of Shadowlands there is now another variant added – the pharyngeal rat.

If Buses, Ice cold trap, Head nut or Incarceration – In WoW there are numerous abilities with which the heroes can keep annoying opponents out of the fight. But none of them should be as famous and iconic as the magicians' sheep. This spell is not only the starting point for some warrior jokes (Oh a sheep. Charrrrrgggeeee!), But also made it into the movie Warcraft: The Beginning. Mages have not been committed to turning their enemies into sheep for many years. Through various folios, they are free to transform opponents into penguins, cats, chimpanzees, pigs, rabbits or turtles. With the coming WoW extension Shadowlands now another form appears to be added. In the Shadow Lands you can turn annoying opponents into a pharyngeal rat and keep them out of the fight.

WoW Shadowlands: pharynx instead of sheep - new transformation for magicians (1)

WoW Shadowlands: pharynx instead of sheep – new transformation for magicians (1)

Source: Wowhead

Thanks to the new spell Polymorph (Mawrat) mages transform their enemies into a pharyngeal rat. Where you get this enchantment from and what you have to do for it is not yet known. However, if you look at the sources of the past adaptations to the metamorphosis, these mostly had something to do with the place where the animals in question were to be found. Since the pharyngeal rats mainly in Torghast, the tower of the damned it is very likely that magicians can also achieve this new transformation there. Especially since the developers have already announced that various cosmetic rewards should be available in Torghast. That being said, this spell has been around for some time now Mage anima bonus included in the files where it can only be used on undead creatures, another indication that the spell can be cast in Torghast.

WoW Shadowlands: First look at Torghast – video

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