War always stays the same

After your return to Maldraxxus, you learned that the seat of the Primus was still besieged. Through your attachment to the Necrolords, you have sworn an oath to turn the tide of battle. You have repulsed the enemy forces that attacked the seat of the Primus … for now.


WoW Shadowlands: During the introductory quests, we free the legendary rune mason

WoW Shadowlands: During the introductory quests, we free the legendary rune mason

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Highlord Bolvar Fordragon has sent you to Torghast, Tower of the Damned, to rescue Baine Bloodhoof from the clutches of Guardian Arkoban. When Baine was safe in Oribos, you returned to Torghast with one of the Guardian's keys to further penetrate the tower. Your search has led you to a mysterious prisoner, the runecutter. You then recovered one of the Runecutter's memories from the Maw and then worked with Ve'nari to loosen one of his fetters. In return, the runecutter offered you to forge powerful armor for you.

The house of the eyes

To strengthen the defenses of the necrolords, Baroness Vashj plans to take an opposing necropolis. You have an appointment with her near the house of eyes. After assembling a crew of surviving eyes and renegades from other houses, you returned to the seat of the Primus. Meanwhile, Vashj began preparing for the next phase of the mission.

Necropolis theft

WoW Shadowlands: The Primus gets his bracers back

WoW Shadowlands: The primus gets his bracers back

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After receiving the message from Vashj, you met in the eyes and discussed the plan to capture the necropolis. Despite unexpected difficulties, you have successfully stormed the Osseingießerel and taken the Zerekriss necropolis. You discovered the lost bracers of Primus in their halls.

Do not forget

WoW Shadowlands: Together with Alexandros Mograine we give the Kyrians a hand in the bastion

WoW Shadowlands: Together with Alexandros Mograine we give the Kyrians a hand in the bastion

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The necrolords have learned that the House of Constructs is continuing its attack on the bastion. Alexandros Mograine, always a man of honor, has volunteered to support the Kyrian defenders with your help. After defeating the Construct forces at the Temple of Courage and forging an alliance with the Kyrians, you accompanied Mograine on a journey to help him accept that his soul belongs to Maldraxxus.

Golden dawn

After the battle plans were worked out, the pacts of the Necrolords and the Kyrians have teamed up to besiege the House of Constructs. You signed up for duty, ready to join the attack. Your attack on the Construct House was a success. Margrave Gharmal was killed, and you discovered Primus's coat among the margrave's belongings … along with some canisters of Anima from Revendreth.

The wages of sin

WoW Shadowlands: In Revendreth we learn who the mastermind behind the conspiracy from the House of Rituals is

WoW Shadowlands: In Revendreth we learn who the mastermind behind the conspiracy from the House of Rituals is

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You traveled to Revendreth with Draka to investigate reports from Maldraxxi traitors who plotted against the realm. After you uncovered and smashed the conspiracy from the House of Rituals and Revendreth, you took possession of the shoulder pieces of Primus and found out who was the mastermind behind the machinations of the house: the Lich Kel'Thuzad.

The house of rituals

The necrolords have focused their resources on infiltrating the House of Rituals. A lich named Balmedar has offered to help you break into the house. You and Balmedar were both discovered and imprisoned while trying to learn more about Kel'Thuzad's actions. You escaped your cell in time to witness the overthrow of Margravine Sin'dane by Kel'Thuzad and Baroness Ninadar.

Attack on the House of Rituals

WoW Shadowlands: Together with Draka and the allied Nekrolords we confront the traitor Kel'Thuzad

WoW Shadowlands: Together with Draka and the allied Necrolords we confront the traitor Kel'Thuzad

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After his treacherous coup, Kel'Thuzad took control of the House of Rituals. At the side of your Revendreth allies, the Necrolords have besieged the Lich Fortress. Despite your victory over the House of Rituals and the restoration of power to the Margravine Sin'dane, the jailer's servants helped Kel'Thuzad escape before you could arrest him. With the staff of the Primus in your possession and after the traitors' death, Maldraxxus is now on the way to reunification.

Source: in-game campaign log

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