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Blizzard has apparently invited another group of testers to the alpha of Shadowlands upcoming WoW expansion. Various community members report that they have now been given access. Those who have not yet been able to take part in the Alpha may now be able to take their first steps into the new zones.

The next WoW expansion to Shadowlands has been in full swing for two weeks – but Blizzard has limited access for testers so far. Initially, only a few selected community members and members of the press were able to set foot in the first zone bastion as part of the first alpha tests.

Now Blizzard has apparently distributed another wave of alpha approaches: How Vanion As of April 23, 2020, new players have been allowed to try out the contents of the current alpha build. The developers haven't released an official announcement of the new wave of invitations, but messages from fans who have recently gained access are piling up.

The reason for the new wave of invitations is obvious: We have recently been able to visit the Revendreth zone, in addition to Bastion, where the vampire Venthyr pact is at home. The Venthyr care for the souls tainted by sin and strive to bring them back on the path of salvation. You can read more details on our topic page on Shadowlands.

By the way:
There are no emails with keys for the Alpha!

If you receive such a message, it is almost certainly a scam or a phishing attack. Instead, Blizzard will automatically unlock you in the Battlenet client for Shadowlands Alpha. If you have received access, the game selection "Alpha from Shadowlands" appears in the version selection of your WoW account in the "In development" area.

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