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For a long time it looked like there weren't any new bags in the upcoming WoW expansion that the tailor could make for you. But that has changed in the meantime. In the Shadowlands there will not only be a few, unique containers, but two manufacturable bags.

With each new expansion, the professions in WoW are brought into shape and equipped with lots of new, manufacturable objects. In the case of the tailor, in the past it was not just fabric armor, but also various bags that were made from the latest fabrics from the expansion. For a long time, however, it looked as if this would no longer be the case with the upcoming Shadwoland expansion. Because the tailor's handicraft book in the Shadowlands did not contain any new bags. Instead, there were just a few unique bags that you can earn during the pre-event, for example.

Recently, however, the developers have apparently changed their mind and have given the tailoring profession recipes for new bags.

However, these bags are no larger than the one previously available Embroidered deep sea bags. Why this is so can only be speculated. We may have already reached the point where the developers no longer want us to have more and more space in our pockets. It should be said that we will probably need significantly less space in Shadowlands. By eliminating the corruption mechanism and restricting what appears to be a hundred different collectibles, such as in Mechagon, our bags are massively relieved.
In any case, it is positive that the tailors no longer have to fall back on old content for the production of the largest bags, but can instead earn their materials in the then current extension of Shadwoland.

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