from Philipp Sattler
In the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands you have to choose one of four packages and join it. But what happens if you try to sneak into the remaining three afterwards? Well, you won't be welcomed in a friendly way.

The four different packages are the big feature of the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands. The complete endgame, many systems and even some skills of your heroes are based on which of the pacts you prove your loyalty to. Once you have joined a pact, you win with this reputation, fulfill orders on their behalf and take part in weekly events. The contents of the other three pacts, however, remain closed to you. And that's not all. Obviously, the other three godfathers are not exactly enthusiastic about your decision, which they also show you openly. From the moment they deny you access to their home.

Of course, this does not mean the entire area, which could also be difficult given the distributed dungeons, world quests and many other content. However, you may no longer enter the capital of the respective pact that was still open to you during the quest. If you still step inside, you will be very rudely shipped to the next cemetery. Before that you stand stunned for a few seconds and before the magic exile ultimately transported out of the capital.

The whole thing is reminiscent of the classrooms in Legion. There were also some that could be entered by other classes, but you were usually kicked out immediately. So far, however, that seems to be the only restriction that awaits you in the areas, apart from the fact that the events and quests of the pact will of course be withheld. Also, the question of whether the package's exclusive pets can be used by non-pact characters (which was the case in an old alpha build) has not yet been resolved.

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