WoW Shadowlands: Overview of the item level in the endgame

from Philipp Sattler
With the start of the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands, the level and item level of our heroes will be scaled down before we make our way to the new maximum level 60 and hunt for the best equipment in the endgame. Depending on the content, there are different item levels in the dungeons, quests or in the raid, which we show you in a large overview.

When WoW Shadowlands hits the live server on October 27th, millions of heroes all over the world will make their way to the new maximum level 60. Once in the endgame, a lot will revolve around the best equipment and where to find it. The item level naturally plays a crucial role. The higher the item level, the more values ​​there are on the item, which usually makes it better. Which item level you get where depends primarily on the level of difficulty of the content. In heroic raids, for example, better items drop than in normal raids. But also apart from the raid there are many sources in Shadowlands from which you can get your equipment. From dungeons and quests to crafting and PVP traders to legendarys and world bosses. Here, too, there are different item levels to be looted. So that you get an approximate overview of where you get items and which level, we have a table for you in which all sources known so far, including the item level, are entered. Keep in mind that even after the release date has been announced, it is still a beta. Therefore, the values ​​can still change.

ContentItem level
Normal dungeons157
Craft (standard)165
Heroic dungeons170
PvP Honor Trader (Rank 1)175/155 (weapons)
Craft (Craftsman's Mark III)180
World quests135 – 183 (scaled with recognition)
Mythical dungeons183
LFR Castle Nathria187/194 (final boss)
PvP Conquest Trader (Rank 1)190
Legendary Armor (Rank 1)190
Craft (Craftsman's Mark IV)200
World bosses200
Normal Castle Nathria200/207 (final boss)
Legendary Armor (Rank 2)210
Heroic Castle Nathria213/220 (final boss)
Legendary Armor (Rank 3)225
Mythical castle Nathria226/233 (final boss)
Legendary Armor (Rank 4)235
Mythic-Plus dungeonsStill unknown
Weekly Vault (Dungeons)Still unknown
PvP Honor Trader (other ranks)Still unknown
PvP Conquest Trader (other ranks)Still unknown
Weekly Vault (PvP)Still unknown

It is interesting to see that there are no longer 15 item levels between the difficulty levels of the raid or the dungeons. Instead, there are only 13 steps left. That makes perfect sense, considering that we generally have a much lower item level and therefore 15 levels would mean a significantly higher percentage increase.

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