In the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands you can join the Night Fae pact. The Blizzard developers now have a comprehensive overview of the advantages this brings you Article on the official WoW website betray. You get new information about the pact campaign, the pact rewards, the heart of the forest and the strongest soul gangs.

In the Ardenwald, where the spirits of nature are reborn, you help determine the fate of the Nachtfae by protecting their sacred groves from the hideous Drust.

If you decide to return to this dim realm as an ally of the Night Fae Pact, you can deepen the friendships you made during your stay in the Ardenwald.

Rewards for watching nightlife

As you fight your way through the Night Fae pact campaign and complete tasks for your new allies, your reputation accumulates. As you increase your reputation, you gain access to unique rewards from your pact.

Your efforts to increase your reputation lead you into the throat to bring departed souls back into your sanctuary. Some of them will even go on adventures for you.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae - & nbsp; Your deeds for the Pact of the Night Fae will be rewarded with various cosmetic rewards, including extra-worldly back decorations.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae – Your deeds for the Pact of the Night Fae will be rewarded with various cosmetic rewards, including extra-worldly back decorations.

Source: Blizzard

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae - the transmogrification sets of the Pact of the Night Fae: plates (left), fabric (center left), leather (center right) and chain (right).

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae – the transmogrification sets of the Pact of the Night Fae: plates (left), fabric (center left), leather (center right) and chain (right).

Source: Blizzard

Pact sanctum: the heart of the forest

If you join the Night Fae pact, you will gain access to the heart of the forest. This sanctum can only be entered by members of the Pact. In this central place of power you will meet key figures, take on new quests and amass anima. As you progress in the Nachtfae campaign, you can also unlock additional features in your sanctuary.

All four pacts have common features, but each of them also grants access to a feature that is unique to this pact. The Night Fae Pact is the Queen's Conservatory.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae - the Heart of the Forest.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae – the Heart of the Forest.

Source: Blizzard

The Queen's Conservatory

All members of the Night Fae Pact have access to the Queen's Conservatory, a heavenly garden where they use the power of rebirth that flows through the Arden Forest to help the souls of ancient deities return to life.

During your adventures in the Shadow Lands you will meet the preserved souls of heavenly spirits from all over the cosmos. In the Queen's Conservatory you will find the strength with which you can help these souls to achieve their former glory.

You work with the Queen's Guard to bring the ancient souls back to life through the magic of the wild seeds of the Arden Forest. In the garden of the Queen's Conservatory you have access to two types of beds: the wild seed pods themselves and the catalyst fields. You can plant various catalysts in the beds that are associated with a wild seed to give this seed additional strength. Each type of catalyst gives the growth process an individual bonus.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae - The Queen's Conservatory.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae – The Queen's Conservatory.

Source: Blizzard

For example, a catalyst reduces the incubation time required to restore a soul, while others affect the amount or value of reward chests that you receive for each restored soul. As soon as the restored soul is at full strength, it shows its gratitude with a reward chest that can contain everything – from resources to special cosmetic rewards such as pets or mounts.

By cultivating the various wild seeds and beds, you can maximize the efficiency of your garden. To take full advantage of the Queen's Conservatory, you need to learn how to best use and place catalysts.

Travel system: Faeringe

Nachtfae players can take advantage of the help of Marasmius, a time-honored member of the Court of the Night, who serves as a living transport network for the Ardenwald. As you rebuild the sanctum, Marasmius helps you to repair yourself. For this you unlock new levels of the transport network, which give you access to mushroom rings in the Ardenwald. This also includes places that can only be reached via the mushroom network.

There are three levels for the animation transport, which you can unlock by increasing your reputation level over time. Here some examples:

  • Step 1: Allows you to travel to the heart of the forest, to the still grove, to the stems and to the edge of the forest. Can be used to get to a unique place: the ring.
  • Level 2: Allows you to travel to the banks of life, to the elders and to the Gormnest. Can be used to reach unique caves in the Ardenwald.
  • Level 3: Allows you to travel to the crumbled ridge, the evening grove and Tirna Scithe. Can be used to reach certain islands near the Ardenwald.

Nightlife adventures

On adventures, you can test your tactical skills by sending your allies to the Shadow Lands and helping the Night Fae pact. While this feature is available for all pacts, the allies you can recruit and the missions you send them to are tailored to your pact. You have to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your adventurers and send them out using the scout card.

Animal leader

Players can unlock additional content in the realm of their pact by directing anima to certain areas of the Arden Forest. When you fill anima with a place again, the area comes to life again. This gives you access to new quests, makes it easier to find miraculous treasures, or lure powerful enemies out of hiding to defeat them for powerful rewards. Different areas offer access to different content.

  • Shimmer cascade basin – Find a unique treasure of your pact.
  • Dream song Fenn – Fight an enemy champion.
  • Tirna Vaal – Get access to a world quest on your pact.
  • Hibernation pool – Get access to daily quests on your pact.
  • Claw comb – Gain access to powerful Nightfae reinforcements.
  • Tirna Scithe – Fight an enemy elite champion.

The gang of souls of the Nachtfae

As soon as you have proven yourself, you unlock the possibility to form a soul bond with one of several selected characters of the pact. These characters then share their special powers with you in the form of a variety of bonuses.

More on this: WoW Shadowlands: Official Blizzard Preview of the Soul Gang

The sophisticated Nachtfae, with whom you have made friends in the Ardenwald, will form a special connection with you when you join their pact. In the following, they are described individually and examples of the powers they grant you are listed.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae - the soul gang of & nbsp; Niya.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae – the soul gang of Niya.

Source: Blizzard

Niya is a Sylvar, whose job is to look after and care for the wild seeds in their grove. The player character meets her at a tragic time when her grove is left to decay so that its anima can be recovered. As she travels with you, Niya learns bitter truths about surviving the drought. She is a hunting expert and tracker. Their skills will help you defend the Arden Forest.

  • 'Sylvar coat' When 'Soul Form' ends, you are hidden until you move.
  • 'Grove strengthening': If you use your night faec class ability or your night faec class spell, you will receive a moderate amount of mastery. This value gradually decreases over the course of a few minutes.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Nachtfae & nbsp; - the soul gang of dream weavers.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae – the gang of souls from Traumweber.

Source: Blizzard

Dream weaver belongs to the Nachtfae. He is calm and relaxed. He masterfully understands the dreams of the nature spirits that sleep in the wild seeds of the forest while waiting for their rebirth. Dreamweaver helps you to tie a ribbon with a certain wild seed, the sleeping mind of which contacts them. Its healing powers support you during the siege of the Ardenwald by an enemy from outside.

  • 'Flower field': When Soul Form ends, you increase the movement speed of nearby allies for a moderate amount of time.
  • 'Capsule keeper': If you were to suffer damage that would otherwise be fatal, you will instead be rejuvenated in a capsule and get a moderate amount of your health back over the course of a few seconds. If the wild seed suffers a certain amount of damage during this time, you die. This effect can only occur once every few minutes.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae - the soul gang of Korayn.

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae – the soul gang of Korayn.

Source: Blizzard

The hunter Korayn is the assertive leader of the wild hunt and a vehement fighter. It is up to you to protect the forest from the most dangerous and difficult to grasp threats. It will not rest until its prey is killed and the safety of the Arden Forest is assured. When the hibernation pool is attacked, Korayn’s victory and leadership are due to victory.

  • 'Wild Hunt Rush': While you are not in a fight, the teleport effect of your soul form becomes an assault that stuns your target for a few seconds and then ends your soul form.
  • 'Last moments': Your healing and damage are slightly increased for targets with low health. If an ally dies, this bonus will increase significantly for a moderate amount of time. This amplification can only occur once every few minutes.

Class and signature skills of Nachtfae

If you join the Night Fae pact, you will receive two unique skills: a signature ability and a class ability.

Signature skills are available to all members of the pact regardless of class, race and specialization.

  • 'Soul form': Assumes the shape of a fox with increased movement speed. You can reactivate 'Soul Form' to teleport yourself a short distance forward. You can also unlock and collect additional cosmetic characters in a wide variety of game situations. In the game world, this effect ends after a short time. In relaxation areas it is unlimited in time.
  • Unleash your soul shape: As your power grows and you help your friends with the Nachtfae, you unlock new soul figures into which you can transform yourself at any time.

The Class capabilities of the pacts are additional gameplay options intended for combat and are thematically tailored to the respective pact.

Death Knight: 'Right of Death'

  • (Replaces 'death and decay')
  • Spoils the targeted ground and deals regular shadow damage to targets in this area.
  • Affected enemies deal reduced damage (up to a maximum), and their power is transferred to you as a corresponding amount of strength.
  • While you are in this area, you meet with 'Necrotic Strike' and 'Heartbeat' additional goals. 'Scourge Strike' and 'Tearing shadows' hit all enemies near the target.

Demon Hunter: 'The Hunt'

  • Charges an enemy, inflicting Nature damage and immobilizing them. The goal is marked for a certain period of time so that when you use 'Demon bite' and 'Shear' against this goal generates more anger. You can reactivate 'The Hunt' every 30 seconds to teleport behind the marked target and ignore the line of sight.

Druid: 'Convocation of the Spirits'

  • Calls on the Night Fae to trigger an energy burst and channel 16 druid spells and abilities in quick succession over 4 seconds.
  • The spells are cast on valid nearby targets and are based on your current form.

Hunters: 'Wild Spirits'

  • Summons the energy of wild spirits at the target location, which will apply Wildes to all enemy targets in the area for 15 seconds. In addition, your damage against these targets is increased a little.
  • While the Wild Spirits are active, each ability against a Wild Mark target summons a Spirit Beast that deals Nature damage to your target.

Mage: 'Shift of Power'

  • Draws strength from the ground beneath you for a certain time and deals regular nature damage to nearby enemies.
  • Your ability's cooldown is reduced while channeling.

Monk: 'Faelinen Stomp'

  • Strikes the ground violently to expose a fall line for 30 seconds, dealing natural damage and granting a bonus depending on your specialization. While fighting on a Fell Line, your skills have a 10% chance to complete the cooldown of Fell Line Pounding.
    • Brewmaster: Set enemies on fire along the fall line with a 'breath of fire'.
    • Mistweaver: Heals allies along the fell line with a flash of Essenzborn.
    • Windrunner: Deprives opponents along the fell line of chi and energy spheres.

Paladin: 'Blessing of the Seasons'

  • We have listened to your feedback and are currently reviewing this ability.

Priest: 'Faesegen'

  • Surround yourself with helpful forest spirits, through which your next 10 spells support your target depending on the spell.
    • 'Shadow Healing', 'Mind Blowing', 'Flash Healing', 'Cure': Reduces allies damage taken by 10% for 15 seconds.
    • Power Word: Shield: Gives your target 2% mana or 20% of their resource.
    • Void Bolt, Prayer for Healing, Power Word: Shine: Reduces the cooldown of main abilities of up to 5 allies by 3 sec.

Rogue: 'Sepsis'

  • Infects the target's blood, inflicting Nature damage over 10 seconds. If the target survives the full duration, it takes additional damage and you take effect automatically 'Disappear'.
  • If Sepsis does not reach full duration, the cooldown is reduced by 60 seconds.

Shaman: 'Faetransfusion'

  • Broadcasts the life force of up to 4 enemies in the target area, inflicting Nature damage every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds.
  • When reactivating 'Faetransfusion' within 20 seconds, 25% of the damage from 'Faetransfusion' released and healed up to 8 allies near you.

Warlock: 'Soul Rot'

  • Sacrifices part of your health to wither the life force of your target and up to 3 other targets nearby, inflicting Nature damage to them over 8 seconds. In addition, 'Bloodsucker' also hits all targets that are affected by your 'Soul Rot'.

Warrior: 'Aftershock of the Ancestors'

  • Strikes the ground with your weapon and unleashes a shock wave that deals natural damage and stuns up to 5 enemies for 1.5 seconds. Enemies hit receive Nature damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds, which is transmitted to you as 6 Rage.

Heroes of the Storm: The next battlefield and hero will be unveiled on Monday, June 4th, 2018

WoW Shadowlands: Pact of the Night Fae

Source: Buffed

The pact campaign (attention: spoiler!)

The cycle of rebirth in the Ardenwald stands on the edge of an abyss from which there is no going back. Every grove that has fallen victim to anima drought and is now rotting has been transformed by the Drust into a thorny gateway to the Arden Forest, the pestilence of which reinforces its wicked magic. To save this shady wilderness from a dark fate, you have to snatch it from the blackened claws of the Drust and restore balance in the Ardenwald. You cannot do this without Bwonsamdi's help, which he grants you if you enter into a trade with him. But be careful, because the price of power is volatile.

You are also working with the dragon lady Ysera, who has a plan to save the Ardenwald. You must also save Tyrande Wisperwind from the gruesome fate that strikes everyone who becomes a night warrior. Changing the course of fate is, however, neither easy nor quick. Relinking the threads of Tyrande's fate will be a task that spans the entire history of the Shadowlands.

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