WoW Shadowlands: Pact Sanctum and Animal Leader

So you've decided on one of the four pacts and joined the Kyrians, the Venthyr, the Nachtfae or the Necrolords and made yourself comfortable in the associated sanctum. In addition to Oribos, this sanctum will be your virtual home for the time to come, and not only offers you all the amenities you can expect in the afterlife, but is also the starting point for your adventures and the basis of many features. There you will find the table for your adventurer missions, the forge of the gang, with which you connect with your soul mate, or also dealers and access to your fast travel system, which you can use in the area of ​​your pact. And you will also find the so-called animal leader there. With this you can redirect the current of the anima, which flows sparingly but constantly into the home of your pact, into certain areas, which has different effects.

We already know from the time in which we have quested through the individual areas that the incoming anima is by far not sufficient to supply the entire area with the important resource. In the Ardenwald, for example, the winter queen had to let entire groves die in order to save other areas of the forest with the anima that was saved. This decision is now up to us. Beta status
Since it is still a beta, we refrain from specifying exact costs. These can still change at any time.
We determine through the use of the animal leader where we direct the resource. If we activate this, we are shown a map of the home area on which we see six different areas. We are now allowed to conduct the incoming current into one of these areas through the additional use of our own anima. At the beginning of the expansion we are only strengthening this area for a short time. The further Shadowlands progresses, the more different parts of our new home we can strengthen and the longer the anima lasts. After all, during our adventures in the Shadowlands we make sure that the anima flows much more freely again.

In the interface of the animal leader you can decide where to direct the anima. & Nbsp;

In the animal leader's interface you can decide where to direct the anima.

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Adapt to your own wishes

You can also see visually in the respective areas where the anima is diverting.

You can also see visually in the respective areas where the anima is diverting.

Source: Buffed

The decision where to direct the anima naturally also has consequences. Fortunately, in our case only positive ones. In contrast to the Winter Queen, we don't have to let any areas of our home die because we haven't grilled enough anima in the current week. Areas that we ignore simply stay as we got to know them. The areas into which we direct our precious anima are, however, upgraded. This can be the case in different ways. While more world quests suddenly appear in one area, in other areas we suddenly get access to special treasures, can challenge nasty champions of the other pacts, mix up additional rare mobs or benefit from different buffs that are donated to us from the reinforced area. What sounds really funny, unfortunately doesn't play that spectacularly. Thanks to the tooltips, you know exactly which area will bring you which bonus when strengthening, there are no surprises. You go to the console, click on the area or areas you want, pay with your Anima and can then visit the upgraded areas. But even without a lot of fireworks and confetti, it's a good feature. We can finally adapt the area in which we mainly travel to our wishes and preferences. Do you like world quests? Then you unlock more. Do you prefer to beat up fat opponents? Then you just invest your anima there. If we have our way, the developers are welcome to expand this feature as the expansion progresses.

In Shadowlands we can not only upgrade the home territory of our pact, but also its sanctum, which is to a certain extent the capital of the Kyrians, Necrolords, Venthyr or Nachtfae. We were already allowed to do this in Legion and Battle for Azeroth by investing appropriate resources in our order hall, or in Dazar'alor or Boralus and being able to choose one of two improvements in several rows. This system is being revised a bit in Shadowlands. You will still have to decide, but in the long run you can benefit from all the improvements.

With a special NPC you upgrade your sanctum in different categories. & Nbsp;

With a special NPC you upgrade your sanctum in different categories.

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Four categories, several ranks

Instead of deciding on an improvement in several rows, you are now offered four different categories. In each of these categories you can unlock several ranks over time, which grant better and better bonuses. Of course, to get rank two you have to unlock rank one first, and so on. The process reminds a little of the expansion of your garrison in Warlords of Draenor. First you need a chunk of resources with which you can then start your project. After some working hours, your sanctum will be upgraded and you will benefit from the selected bonus. In theory, you can even have multiple upgrades performed at the same time – one per category. In practice, however, this is usually prevented by the horrendous cost of resources.

Adapt sanctum to you

The different categories are the same for all pacts, but differ in small details within the bonuses. You basically have the choice of whether you prefer to upgrade your pact's own fast travel network, improve the animal guide, expand your adventurer system or unlock further features at your special pact event. The way in which this then happens naturally differs. While in Revendreth, for example, more mirrors are added to the mirror network, in Bastion you get a running speed buff and are allowed to take group members through the beacon portals.
The improvement of the animal leaders, however, looks similar for all pacts. Here you unlock further areas into which you can lead your anima. The upgrading of the adventurer system is currently still the same for all four packages on the beta servers. In the first tier you activate the system in the first place, while you then improve the healing rate of your adventurers and later can also shorten the duration of the adventure considerably.
In the last point, which also has the most ranks in the current beta version, the pacts differ greatly from one another. This is of course due to the fact that the special events of the pacts are very different. While some regularly bang their heads in it, others hold tea parties. The improvements are therefore of course specially tailored to the event and currently seem sometimes more and sometimes less useful.

The animal leader looks a little different depending on the pact. & Nbsp;

The animal leader looks a little different depending on the pact.

Source: Buffed


For the various upgrades you will of course need a lot of resources so that you cannot unlock everything at the beginning of the expansion. While the costs for the first ranks are still reasonably manageable, up to 50,000 anima are due for the later bonuses. How long you need exactly to generate such masses of anima can currently hardly be estimated. Because in the beta there is currently hardly any anima to be earned. Instead, you just go to a special NPC who will provide you with millions of anima if you wish. In this way, Blizzard ensures that you can test all features in detail without having to farm anything for days or weeks beforehand.

In addition to the anima, the upgrades also cost different souls, which you can mainly earn in the gullet and Torghast. But there you only get Liberated Souls. You then bring these to your pact sanctuary, where you hand them over to the soul guardian. This in turn divides the souls that have been conveyed into different categories. Depending on the peculiarity of the specific soul, you will either receive an artisan, an architect or an animation weaver. But these are not just any shimmering souls or spirit beings that will from now on haunt our sanctum and work for us. In practice, it is simply more resources that we can spend.

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