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Good times are coming in Shadowlands for fans of cute cats in WoW. A success has now appeared on the PTR for the upcoming expansion, for which you have to find and pet a total of nine different cats in Maldraxxus. There is no official reward associated with the success, but that could still come.

One can accuse Kel'Thuzad of many things, but not that he is not a cat lover. And where is it little wonder that in Maldraxxus, one of the WoW Shadowlands-Areas that are closely related to him and the Scourge, lots of small and cute cats roam around that you can find and stroke. Anyone who takes the effort and also looks in the farthest corners of the area and gives all cats a petting will also be rewarded with a success. For Nine afterlives appropriately, you have to pet nine cats whose name Blizzard was once again creative and hid some allusions.

WoW Shadowlands: petting cats in Maldraxxus (1)

WoW Shadowlands: petting cats in Maldraxxus (1)

Source: Buffed

  • Nine afterlive
    • Find and pet all of the kittens in Maldraxxus
    • Hairball
    • envy
    • chaos
    • Snots
    • Mr. Jigglesworth
    • Moldstopheles
    • Push-in boots
    • lime
    • Meowmalade

Mr. Jigglesworth is undoubtedly a reference to Mr. Bigglesworth and Moldstopheles is very reminiscent of Mr. Mistoffelees in Cats. The title of the success is also likely to be translated.

The slime cat would offer itself as a reward, but could also be earned through the recognition system. & Nbsp;

The slimy cat would offer itself as a reward, but could also be earned through the recognition system.

Source: wowhead

There is currently no reward for this success. However, it is not necessarily unlikely that one will still be implemented. We'd find the one pictured above Slime cat perfect as a reward. However, this currently has the note "Maldraxxus Renown" in the tooltip, so it seems to be a reward for the new recognition system. It's a shame actually.

What reward would you like to have for petting cats, or is the joy in the cats' eyes reward enough for you?

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