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A new quest in Icecrown causes annoyed players in WoW. Because not all read quest descriptions and thus ensure that a task takes significantly longer than it should.

The scourge invasion of the pre-patch of WoW Shadowlands is finally live, accordingly we can loot equipment in the fight against the undead flood in Icecrown, which is mainly preparing twinks for the release of the new expansion on November 24th. Among other things, we earn Argent Commendations through daily quests, which we can exchange for level 100 armor. But one of these quests is causing hair tears and doubts about the reading ability of many WoW players.

Who can read kills mushrooms in WoW at the right time

As part of a quest in Icecrown, we are supposed to collect mushrooms in a contaminated area, which we previously "feed" with undead enemies. So it is in the quest description, but who reads it …? In practice, murderous adventurers hit everything and everyone – especially mushrooms that are not yet "ready for harvest", so don't drop the quest item. This causes a lot of frustration for players, as a Redditor shows in a picture:

The comments also confirm him. So writes yo_les_noobs: "Oh yes, a mechanic that is designed so that hundreds of games around you read and / or not troll the quest text. What's going to go wrong?" On behalf of illiterate hunters, ask slowlanders the developers, simply not making the mushrooms vulnerable until they are really ready to harvest.

A tip for everyone who is upset

But the strange thing is: If you think you are smart because you follow the quest text and want to feed the big mushrooms with undead, you should pay more attention to your surroundings. Because in the quest area there are also easy-to-collect small mushrooms that drive the quest progress. So the feeding mechanic isn't the only way to complete the quest.

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