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Whoever joins one of the four Pacts of the Shadowlands in WoW: Shadowlands, gets access to certain pets in addition to various other rewards. You can purchase some of them through Polished Pet Charms currency.

Who is in WoW: Shadowlands joins one of the four Shadowlands Pacts, gets access to certain pets in addition to various other rewards. You can get some of them through the currency Polished pet charms acquire. How many pet charms you have to spend per pact in order to incorporate all of the pets in your collection depends on the particular pact. Kyrians must invest 5,000 Polished Pet Charms, the other pacts require 3,000 Polished Pet Charms each. Members of the Kyrians can purchase eight pets (available for all pacts) for pet charms, while the other pacts can obtain these pets through separate activities such as crafting or as loot from rare enemies.

The developers are not going to reset the amount of pet charms you collected prior to the Shadowlands release. You can spend the existing currency directly on pets as soon as you have joined the relevant pact. However, some pets require a certain reputation with the respective pact before you can buy them from the pact dealer.

The following pets can only be purchased with Polished Pet Charms:

Some pets get members of the Night Fae, Venthyr and Nekrolords from other sources:

You get these pets via the individual package features, whereby you have to complete certain tasks depending on the pet before you get the pets:

  • Covenant of the Kyrians: Path of Ascension – Complete achievements to be able to buy the pets with pet charms.
  • Night Fae Pact: The Queen's Conservatory – Use your garden to get reward boxes for the pets to drop from.
  • Necrolords: Monstrosity Factory – Provides Atticus in the monstrous factory to get the pets in exchange for Malleable meat to be able to buy.
  • Venthyr: Gluthof – At the end of a Gluthof event, you will receive a reward box that can contain the pets.

By the way, you can already collect Polished Pet Charms and prepare for the release of Shadowlands. Currently, the pet battle world quests from Battle for Azeroth are particularly suitable for this. We wish you happy farming!

Source: Wowhead

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