WoW Shadowlands: Pre-Patch may be delayed

from Sara Petzold
The release date of the pre-patch for WoW Shadowlands could possibly be delayed a little. This is indicated by a change in the login screen for the next expansion on the public test server.

When will the pre-patch for WoW Shadowlands finally be released? Blizzard is still silent a month before the release of the next WoW expansion – and now there is a delay. While we have so far assumed that the pre-patch could hit the live server at the beginning of October, more precisely on October 7th, we now apparently have to wait longer.

Because the editorial offices of Wowhead and Icyveins report that something has changed on the Shadowlands login screen on the test server: A few days ago there was still the message "Version 9.0.1 (35989) (Release x64)" on the bottom left. Meanwhile, however, it says: "Version 9.0.1 (36036) (Test x64)". So Blizzard has replaced the release build with a test build.

Blizzard mistake or real delay?

It remains unclear whether this is simply a new version that will overwrite the old version, and whether the developer may have just forgotten to change the tag from "test" to "release". It is possible that things are not going according to plan at the moment, which is why we do not yet know the final release date of the pre-patch. So maybe we will have to wait longer for the update to version 9.0.1 than previously thought.

That could mean: We may not be able to try out the new features that the pre-patch has to offer until October 14th. This left only two weeks of the pre-patch phase before the release of Shadowlands, a fairly short window of time, especially in view of the various contents that we can use with the update.

What do you think: Do you think the release of Patch 9.0.1 will be delayed? And do you think the two weeks pre-patch phase before Shadowlands is too short or is that enough for you? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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